And Then I Realised Something: "Carrie Hair" Is All Over Instagram

It's been 15 years since new Sex and the City episodes hit our screens, but undoubtedly, Carrie Bradshaw remains a major style inspiration. We've already noticed her favourite shoes making a comeback in 2019 and defined the pillars of her winter capsule wardrobe, but this latest Carrie renaissance has moved beyond the realms of fashion.

Yes, Carrie Bradshaw's hair has been making a comeback, with Instagram's most fashionable girls stepping out with her iconic waves. For reference—and for the true SATC fans—we’re talking Carrie curls circa Season 2 here. Arguably the most distinctive Bradshaw style, this hair is flat at the roots and wavy through the lengths—less volumised than her Season 1 curls and less styled than her Season 4 bob—for an effortless style that never looks too try-hard and errs on the right side of messy and dishevelled.

One could question whether this kind of scruffy, brushed-out style is the perfect combatant to really outré outfits: Would you agree that a crazy-bold ensemble looks all the more laid-back with the right kind of undone 'do? In addition, it can also add depth to a more bohemian vibe, such as the models seen at Chloé's surf-inspired S/S 19 show. Many of the girls had unruly Carrie hair to match their slightly hippie-inspired clothes.

But just how easy is it to get the look yourself? We asked top hairstylists to spill the beans on exactly how to get Carrie hair in the comfort of your own home and which products you should have on hand to maximise that cool-girl texture.

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The most important thing about this Carrie Bradshaw look is to forget about perfection. The key to perfection, according to celebrity stylist Jay Birmingham. "Forget being overly neat. The charm is that slightly unkempt feel so try not to overly perfect this style." Similarly, Joico ambassador Bruno Marc Giamattei said that this hairstyle can really require as much or as little styling as you like: "The beauty of it is that unkempt feel, which is captivating."

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There a few ways to get the look yourself. "One of the most simplistic ways is to tie your hair into medium sized buns when damp," Giamattei told us. "If possible, try to sleep with this style in overnight to give your hair adequate time to dry and mould into that waved shape." Come morning, simply untie your hair to reveal naturally disheveled hair.

If you're looking for a more distinctive wave, try plaiting your hair instead of twisting it into buns. "To create the flatter shape at the crown, make sure you don't begin to plait the hair until closer to the mid-lengths," Joico's Paul Watts advised us.

If you can't face the thought of sleeping with damp hair to get the look, heat-styling is another easy option. Jonny Long, co-founder of Lockonego salon, said you should first dry your hair with a nozzle to create shine. Once dry, use tongs or straighteners to add in waves. The key to the Carrie look, though, is to take a paddle brush and lightly brush out the waves.

The trick to keeping your hard work in place? "Scrunch your hair from the bottom with one hand, and mist in some hair spray at the same time," Birmingham said. "This will add even more volume and help to stop your waves from dropping down throughout the day."

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