This Rachel Green Trend Is All Over Zara—and I'm Into It

You can't escape the fact that Rachel Green left her mark on fashion. From the beginning of Friends, when she wore cute miniskirts with white shirts, to her time working for Ralph Lauren wearing chic suits, her outfits have been always been consistently enviable. But one of my favourite looks? When she loved long cardigans. From the late '90s to the early '00s the almost floor-length cardigan was pure weekend chic. If you're really keen to see the look in action, can I direct you to the episode of "The One in Vegas" (parts one and two) and also the "One With All the Cheesecakes?"

As I've been long obsessed with this look, I'm happy to report that this item is back. Thanks to the likes of Jacquemus, it's everywhere and even better (if you don't have the budget for designer) is that it's also in Zara. If you're ready to invest in a cosy piece of knitwear coming up for spring, then keep scrolling to see how Monikh has styled hers and then shop our edit of the best long cardigans.


(Image credit: @monikh)


(Image credit: @monikh)


(Image credit: @monikh)


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