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Here's the deal—I used to be a skinny jeans–only kind of girl, but a few years ago, I decided I was completely bored with them and ready to open my closet up to the plethora of more forward denim trends out there. Most recently, I've become devoted to cropped flares and high-waisted vintage styles. But when I caught wind of Mott & Bow, a new brand of premium denim with a low price point (thanks to its direct-to-consumer business model), I was intrigued.

Mott & Bow is an NYC-based company that sticks to the basics—it currently sells just three women's styles (but in a variety of washes). I chose the high-rise skinnies in a dark denim wash from the roster, which also includes a midrise skinny style and slim boyfriend jeans. I was pleased to see that the trousers start at £79 and top out at £101, which is considerably low compared to other premium denim brands with prices starting in the £158+ range. Something else that initially pleased me was how the brand offers a free at-home try-on program, so you can choose a second size to try and return while only paying for the one pair you keep.

Facts aside, the thing I was really curious about was how my new jeans would look and feel. Would they be flattering and cool enough to tear me away from my beloved frayed-hem Levi's? Well, the verdict is in, and I can say without a doubt that they're the first pair of skinny jeans to win me over in years. While some high-waisted jeans epitomise discomfort, Mott & Bow's are stretchy and soft without losing their shape like much high-stretch denim is prone to do. Additionally, they're the most slimming pair of skinny jeans I've found, and their classic, clean cut solidifies their timelessness. I could go on, but you probably just want to see the jeans already, right?

Read on to see what makes Mott & Bow's wallet-friendly skinny jeans so special, see yours truly wearing them and shop a few outfits that are sure to make your new favourite skinny jeans even cooler.

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