Those Viral Platform Ugg Boots Are Back in Stock With a Cool New Twist

Without a doubt, one of the biggest It items of this winter (and fall) has been the Ugg Ultra Mini Platform Boots. It was the item everyone had on their wish list for the holidays, but these boots have been virtually impossible to find since celebs like Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid began wearing them in the fall. We're now well into January, and the hype hasn't died. They've remained impossible to find—until today, that is.

Ugg thankfully has satisfied its fans' thirst for the cozy platform boots and released them today in three classic colorways with the addition of stitched straps on each side. This detail lends a casual California vibe to the boots, and they feel especially fresh for the new year. Thus far, the boots are fully stocked in every size, but they probably won't be for long. Keep scrolling to shop them along with Ugg's other new stitched pieces and its original platform boots in the colors that are currently available.

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