I Used to Be Anti-Uggs, But These Fashion People Are Making Them Look Chic

If the mere mention of Ugg boots conjures images of early-aughts style—velour tracksuits, miniskirts, layered polo shirts, etc.—then you're not alone. But those memories of the iconic shearling boots are due for an update, as fashion people around the world are styling the undeniably cozy footwear in decidedly chic ways. 

During a recent trip down the Instagram rabbit hole, we were intrigued by how Uggs were being worn with modern wardrobe basics, giving otherwise ordinary outfits an element of nostalgia and a high dose of comfortable chic. Whether you choose to pair classic Ugg boots with jeans and an overcoat or embrace the brand's platform slippers with wide-leg pants and a knit top, it's clear there's a shearling style that will suit almost any outfit. 

Keep scrolling for some Instagram-worthy outfit inspiration, plus an array of Ugg boots that are ideal to wear this winter and beyond. We're even warming up to a few of the brand's newer designs too.

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1. Neutral Vibes
6 Ways Fashion Girls Style Outfits with Uggs



Pair brown suede Uggs with similar neutral tones for an endlessly wearable outfit. 

Browns need not match. It's the length of the jacket that's key.

Find a neckline that draws the eye upward.

These are decidedly the style of choice.

Amplify the irresistible texture with a similarly shaggy bag. 

2. Oversize Staples
6 Ways Fashion Girls Style Outfits with Uggs



One can never have too many striped sweaters.

Uggs were basically made for bootcut jeans and vice versa. 

Chestnut is the classic color of choice.

3. Y2K for Today
6 Ways Fashion Girls Style Outfits with Uggs



Camo print is basically a neutral color, right?

This style first made a splash in 2020 but is still constantly selling out.

Rectangle sunglasses are very reminiscent of the late '90s and early aughts. 

4. Back to Basics
6 Ways Fashion Girls Style Outfits with Uggs



Replace your regular black boots with Uggs—it's that simple. 

Quality accessories help to elevate an entire look.

5. Layered Up
6 Ways Fashion Girls Style Outfits with Uggs



Uggs aren't just a fair-weather friend. They're comfortable in rainy conditions. Just remember to waterproof them first! 

Wide-leg jeans are big enough for Uggs to fit comfortably underneath. Your calves with thank you.

Corduroy and Uggs are the combo we didn't even know we were looking for. 

The platform version is flying off the shelves.

If your Uggs are a neutral black or brown, try adding some color with fun accessories. 

6. Casual and Cozy
6 Ways Fashion Girls Style Outfits with Uggs



This look is road trip ready.

Leggings are obviously key to any comfortable, casual outfit. 

An affordable trench coat never goes out of style.

Suede suddenly feels a bit more expected.

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The platform trend is here to stay.

The closure can complement the buttons found on winter topcoats. 

Short boots work well with skinny and straight-leg jeans.

Platform Uggs are a good way to get through slushy conditions.

These beauties aren't just for wearing around the house.

The Ultra Minis come in so many different colors.

The shoes on every fashion person's holiday wish list this year.

We can't wait to slip these over leggings and skinny jeans like old times.