The TSA Says This Is the Item Everyone Forgets at Airport Security


Splash News 

Given all the stress that goes along with traveling, when you finally get to your seat and buckle in, the last thing you want to do is realize you forgot something on the conveyor belt at airport security. But it happens—a lot. Of the hundreds of millions of travelers who go through airport security every day, millions of personal items are bound to be left behind. Curious to know which thing gets left behind the most, we reached out to Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for the TSA's Office of Public Affairs, who didn't hesitate to share with us that the item is, in fact, an accessory.

"Belts are the most common items that people forget to take with them when they leave a checkpoint," Farbstein said. She also mentioned a laundry list of other accessories like sunglasses, hats, and jewelry, but the waist skimmers are the clear winner. And given that belts are such a trend this season, you're not going to want to leave yours behind. So next time you find yourself having to remove yours before going through the metal detector, remind yourself not to walk off without it—or you'll probably never see it again.

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