4 Compelling Reasons to Make These $16 Heels Yours Now

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I'm just going to go ahead and say it, the Truth Heels from our Who What Wear Collection are damn fine. I'm so enthralled by them, actually, that I couldn't settle for focusing on just one reason I think they're one of the best shoe buys of the moment. Is it because the style is splattered all over my Instagram feed? Is it because they're impossibly versatile and fun at the same time? Or is it because of their (very) attractive price tag? It might be all the of the above, but I suppose you'll have to keep reading to find out. I could ramble on and on, so scroll down to read exactly what makes these heels the pick of the litter and then shop them for yourself (because I know you'll want to).

1. They hit on one of the biggest shoe trends of the moment.

Right before 2019 hit, the Who What Wear wear editors gathered around to discuss all things fashion for the year ahead and it was decided that floss sandals are one of the shoe trends that will be huge. Inspired by the '90s, this ultra-minimalist shoe trend is defined by teeny-tiny straps that crisscross your feet in a vaguely spidery way (sounds creepy, swear it's not). And it just so happens that our very own Truth Heels play on the trend in a way that's easier to actually wear than some of the more experimental styles on the market—aka they actually stay on your foot, thanks to the built-in ankle strap.

2. They legit go with everything.

strappy sandal trend



I won't lie, a trend like this usually takes some warming up to at first, unless of course, you never ditched your original '90s sandals from back in the day. But the minimal straps on the shoes lend themselves to a sleek look that, quite honestly, is a stylish finish to just about any outfit. Above, French fashion girl Sabina Socol is wearing hers with a sleeveless wrap dress for summer, but we could easily see the heels styled with a pair of anti-skinny jeans and a thin sweater for winter.

3. They come in two (equally fun) colorways.

strappy heeled sandals



Like I said, these shoes are versatile, but by no means are they boring. To the contrary, the heels come in two fun color options—a black floral print and a pretty lilac shade—both of which you'll find yourself reaching for as an easy to add some personality to your look. 

4. They're virtually seasonless.

My biggest concern when making any purchase is its expiration date. If I buy a sweater now, I'll only be able to wear it for another two months. Luckily, that's not the case with these heels, which, as I noted before, can virtually be worn year-round. Create a forward look by layering socks underneath them when it's cold or wear with a flirty dress come summer—the possibilities are endless.

More styling ideas with the shoes:

strappy sandals



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