These 8 Pieces Will Be Huge Next Year

What are the undeniable fashion trends we’ll be seeing next year? I posed this very question to Who What Wear’s editors to find out exactly which about-to-break items they’re anticipating for 2019. Collectively, our editors spend a solid chunk of time each week studying the new pieces trickling in at retailers and the micro-trends that bubble up on Instagram and the street style scene. But we also carefully study runway shows during fashion month and are experts at guessing which of these looming trends will take off.

So, which new fashion trends are they predicting will be huge in 2019? Some of them—like ‘80s and western—are current trends that will pick up more steam and carry over into next year. Others, though, like nouveau Teva’s and the “California cool” trend feel very fresh and uniquely 2019. Scroll down to find out which pieces you’ll be sure to spot fashion girls wearing after we head into the new year.