The Anti-Skinny Jeans I Keep Getting Compliments On

Welcome to my latest denim love story. In today’s entry, I’m highlighting one of my favorite new denim styles, which, as you know from the headline, is the opposite of skinny jeans. The exact opposite, actually—the jeans are about as baggy as a pair of blue jeans can get. I had my eye on the style for some time yet never pulled the trigger. That all changed when I found the below Agolde jeans majorly marked down on Shopbop, and there was only one pair left in my size. Guess you could call it a sign or a low-inventory-driven purchase; either way, I’m very pleased I went through with the order.

Flash forward to present day, and the incredibly loose jeans are my new go-tos for the office, weekend, and everything in between this fall. As a great alternative to skinny jeans, they are super comfortable and lend a laid-back vibe to any look. Plus, the style has earned me several compliments when I wear them. Of course, that’s not why I wear them, but it proves people are interested in the baggy, oversize style and that the return of ’90s-inspired jeans is on the rise. See how I styled the Agolde jeans below, and shop more of my favorite pairs at the end.

Here they are in action, my beloved Agolde jeans.

As I mentioned, I scored the last pair off Shopbop, but I was able to find another site with some sizes still available.

Also adding these Grlfrnd jeans to the top of my shopping list.

Re/Done always offers the coolest reworked versions.

Style this cropped option with cool ankle boots. 

This is probably my favorite outfit combo with the jeans. I can't stop wearing this Cotton Citizen zip-up cardigan. 

Pair these with a fitted turtleneck for a stylish fall look. 

More evidence that fitted sweaters are proving to be my go-to styling pieces with loose jeans.

The pressed seam down the center adds a polished touch. 

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