The Trendy Sunglasses Bella and Gigi Can't Stop Wearing

When it comes to eyewear, Bella and Gigi Hadid have an uncanny ability to make styles we'd forgotten about or long ago written off seem suddenly fresh again, taking ordinary frames and turning them into trendy sunglasses.

Take, for instance, Adam Selman's collaboration with Le Specs, now in its second season. Between the two of them, the supermodel sisters have worn nearly every style from the two collections, from '50s-inspired cat eyes to modern takes on space-age frames and—no surprise here—almost every last pair has sold out. Now, Gigi has even launched her own three-piece capsule with Vogue Eyewear, which pays homage to the retro styles she and Bella are both fond of and will no doubt be all over Instagram as soon as it ships next week.

Click through the gallery below to see nine Hadid-approved sunglass trends to try this summer.