The One Item This Jet-Setter Always Brings Along on Her Travels

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Delfina Blaquier—model, photographer, relentless traveler, and wife of Argentine athlete Nacho Figueras (aka the David Beckham of polo; we recommend a quick Google sesh)—has an effortless style that’s straight out of a romantic travel movie (Under the Tuscan Sun, anyone?). “I think my look is a total consequence of my lifestyle,” she tells us when we ask her why she just looks like she got back from Italy. Oh, right—she did.

The fashion girl does a whole lot of jet-setting, spending time in Paris while also hopping around the world to spots that inspire her (“Buenos Aires, Palm Beach, New York, California, France, the UK”—no big deal), and her style reflects this nomadic flair. Think flowy dresses, soft silhouettes, and, of course, a boot collection that goes on for days. When she’s not traveling, she calls Argentina home, which is where she was headed when we caught up with her.

Blaquier took us along to some of her favorite spots in Buenos Aires, chatting about her style, what gives her that worldly vibe, and the one thing she never leaves home without…


“I love to express my femininity in my personal style by wearing pieces like a floral flowy dress with the chunky turtleneck layered on top and my favorite riding boots,” Blaquier tells us about her look of the day. It’s her way of trying to tell the world that she just happened to throw together this effortless look. “Even when I’m home, I take cues from my styling method while I’m traveling to always feel like I’m somewhere special.”


“I always carry Tory Burch’s Signature fragrance with me when I’m out in my own city,” Blaquier tells us. “I love that it smells sweet and floral, but has that spice at the end that lasts. It always reminds me of the places I’ve worn it to.” She won’t leave the house without it tucked in her bag.


Style is important to Blaquier, who tells us her classic outfits reflect her personality and interests. Exhibit A: her riding boots. “My husband and I breed polo horses,” she says, which explains the ease with which she incorporates equestrian touches into her looks. “Clothes have to make me feel myself, so I always have to be inspired by them, and it has to feel like the city I’m currently in.” Our advice, even if you don’t get to do quite as much traveling? Incorporate pieces you’ve picked up from the adventures you have been on—it’s the easiest way to feel like you’re starring in a dreamy travel movie of your own.

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