The Comfortable Basics Women Over 50 Wear for Travel

As anyone who has ever accidentally worn something uncomfortable to travel in knows, it can make or break your day. I realize that this sounds dramatic, but as someone who used to travel in high-waisted, 100% cotton jeans (I know…), I can vouch. While we regularly cover the excellent airport outfits women of all age groups wear, I strongly believe that women age 50 and up are a great source of non-verbal style advice.

By the time you reach age 50, you've been traveling for decades and have gained plenty of wisdom when it comes to what to wear for any given occasion, travel days included. I studied the airport outfits of stylish women like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, and Julianne Moore, and noticed quite a few patterns as far as the comfortable basics they wear are concerned. Keep scrolling to learn from their examples and shop the recommended travel basics.

Loose Trousers

If you're anti-jeans and anti-leggings when traveling (I get it), Julianne Moore's loose trousers are the answer. They also just so happen to be a trend right now. The blazer is optional.

Julianne Moore airport


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On Julianne Moore: Louis Vuitton bag

Ballet Flats

Want something more polished than sneakers but equally comfortable? Follow Nicole Kidman's lead and wear a pair of ballet flats to the airport.

Nicole Kidman airport outfit


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On Nicole Kidman: Zimmermann Super Eight Ruffle Shirt ($595); Moynat Paris bag


While sweatpants may have once seemed sloppy, they're a trend now, and they happen to be J.Lo-approved. (Tip: Wearing a matching sweatshirt adds a bit more polish.)

Jennifer Lopez travel outfit



WHO: Jennifer Lopez

Flat Ankle Boots

If you're going somewhere straight from the airport and want to look chic, forgo the sneakers and wear a pair of flat ankle boots as Andie Macdowell did.

The beauty of a cashmere sweater is that it's warm but not bulky. It's truly the perfect thing to wear with jeans, as French actress Isabelle Huppert expertly displayed.

What to wear to the airport


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WHO: Isabelle Huppert



You don't have to look like you're going to the gym when you wear leggings to the airport. Just follow Viola Davis' lead and pair them with a wool coat and ankle boots.

Airport legging outfit


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WHO: Viola Davis

Skinny Jeans

Some may scoff at the idea of wearing skinny jeans on a plane, but if you choose a pair with stretch (like Yolanda Hadid did), you won't have any regrets whatsoever.

Comfortable airport outfit


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WHO: Yolanda Hadid

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