Everything This Stylish Over-50-Year-Old Is Buying in 2020

January has pretty much been the slowest month in existence, yet somehow, I am still very behind on all of my 2020 shopping. Since you read about my sartorial qualms and needs on a daily basis, I thought it would be nice to reach out to one of my icons and let you hear from her for a change. If you're not familiar with 54-year-old It girl Grece Ghanem, then you haven't lived. Her Instagram is flooded with all the inspiration one could need from office-appropriate looks to vacation-ready getups.

Today, she is here to tell us all about her shopping plans for 2020, and I can assure you, this list is better than all the rest. Naturally, some of the most coveted items like the new Bottega Veneta mules and updated suiting from The Frankie Shop made the list, but there are a few other surprises on here that will make both your and my closet 10 times more exciting this year. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear Ghanem's official list of must-haves for spring 2020


"If you know me, you know that I adore jumpsuits. They are comfortable, edgy, and the possibilities are endless. This black tuxedo jumpsuit from Bottega caught my eye because of its simplicity. It is elegant and chic with a hint of masculinity." 

White Shirts

"White shirts are a wardrobe basic, and you always need one in a different style whether it is cropped, tailored, or oversize. This one from Zara makes for a fresh look for summer."

Bottega Veneta Mules

"I would love a Bottega anything, starting with this mule. I love this piece because of the square toe, the color, and the fact that the heel is very comfortable. If I manage to get my hands on this beauty, I do not think I will take it off my feet!" 

Unconventional Leather Jacket

Over 50 Shopping Guide



"I have been on the lookout for an unconventional leather jacket, and this bicolor oversize leather piece by Gestuz just might be the ultimate one. It is multifunctional, as it can be styled as a dress. You can pair it with a cropped leather short, and it can then be styled as a suit! You can also never go wrong with a bicolor styling." 

Basics With a Twist

"I love a basic with a twist just like this Frankie Shop suit. The tailoring is rather traditional, but the cut is what makes it edgy. I love the cropped blazer and the ties around the ankle in the trousers. It reminds me of tying your shoes over your pants to cinch them." 

Bottega Woven Shoulder Bag

"Another one of my Bottega favourites is the remake of one of their older popular designs. I love the new twist on the woven lambskin, which makes a black bag a little more special. It is also oversize, and the knot on the shoulder makes it more modern!"  

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