We're Always Comfortable Traveling—Here Are the 5 Basics We Do and Don't Wear

The most comfortable basic clothing items for traveling


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If there's anything we're looking forward to in 2021, it's the ability to travel safely again. Even if it may not happen until next summer, we're still excited about the prospect. We especially enjoy crafting the perfect travel look, and we like to think we've cracked the code to the ideal airport outfit.

What it comes down to are ensembles that are comfortable yet fashion-forward. We like to think about it like this: If we wouldn’t wear said outfit straight off the plane, it isn’t for us. No, this clearly doesn’t mean a full-on going-out ensemble of stiff jeans, a button-down, and boots, but rather a look made up of cozy basics that are still elevated.

While we've highlighted the carry-on bags we will and won’t use, we thought we'd take this next chunk of time to go over the basics we do and don’t wear to ensure travel outfits are comfy and cool. So without further ado, keep scrolling to check out an airport style guide—and shop the staples that are ideal for any jet-setter next year. 

Don’t Wear: Fussy Boots
Do Wear: Slip-On Booties

It may seem like a no-brainer, but complicated boots that lace all the way up are a no-go for traveling with ease. We prefer flatter black boots that can be easily slipped on and off. Also note that we tend to opt for boots if we're heading on a short flight and need a sophisticated yet practical footwear choice for when we step off the plane.

Don’t Wear: Complicated Lace-Up Sneakers
Do Wear: Slip-Ons

On the flip side, if we are opting for sneakers—a must for longer flights—we always go for slip-on styles. Typically, this means classic Vans because they’re cool (in that retro way) and are also the most comfortable.

Don’t Wear: Rigid Denim
Do Wear: Stretchy Skinnies

You’ll never find us in stiff, rigid denim on any flight. Honestly, being that constricted just feels miserable. We tend to stick to stretchy skinny or straight-leg jeans for comfort purposes.

Don’t Wear: Button-Downs
Do Wear: Sweatshirts

We're quite picky about the tops we'll wear while traveling. Given that planes are usually quite chilly (but can also randomly get warm), layering is key. For us, that means a soft T-shirt with a cozy crewneck sweatshirt. The vibe is basically like wearing pajamas (but not). You’ll never find us in uncomfortable shirts that are too involved (like fitted button-downs).

Don’t Wear: Heavy Coats
Do Wear: Lightweight and Moto Jackets

Unless we're traveling somewhere completely frigid, we prefer to avoid super-heavy coats. They get annoying when it comes to storage (especially if there’s not overhead space), and they’re not ideal to wrap yourself in when it gets chilly on the plane.