11 Travel Outfit Trends That Have Defined 2018 So Far



The summer travel season hasn’t really even officially kicked off, but there are already so many vacation wardrobes that I am looking to raid. Yes, I’m sitting at the Who What Wear office in L.A. but longingly looking at vacations in Greece and Málaga and Amsterdam and taking notes on all the cool outfits that are accompanying those trips. And one of the most interesting things about it is that there have already been some significant trends that have emerged among the travel set.

Yes, items like leopard-print swimsuits, open-front tops, logo bags, and pieces of seashell jewelry are among the biggest trends and have emerged as the front-runners of the season’s most essential travel pieces. Ahead, we’re breaking down the most important travel outfit trends that have defined 2018 so far, and you can shop each of them here. Your future vacation wardrobe will thank us.

Seashell Jewelry



Seashell-inspired jewelry has been popping up everywhere recently, and we’re huge fans.

Leopard-Print Swimsuits



When it comes to swimwear trends, leopard prints are absolutely what we want to wear right now.

There’s no secret that this editor is a fan of the puff-sleeve top.

Dior Saddle Bag



Hold onto your logo bags—especially if they happen to be Dior saddle versions. These early aughts bags are making a comeback in a huge way.

Chain belts



One of the biggest trends you’ll see at the beach this summer? Chain belts layered over swimsuits.

Open-front Tops



Yes, this editor is a big fan of open-front tops. Brace yourselves—these are about to be everywhere.

Available in French sizes 36 to 40.

Bold Colors



Skip the neutral tones. Instead, reach for fun colors.

Available in French sizes 34 to 40.

Pretty White Tops



You really can’t beat a pretty white top. But especially when it’s finished with delicate details like bows and lace.

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are one of the most essential summer staples, and nothing about that is changing anytime soon.

By Far is one of the biggest shoe designers on our radar for the season ahead. You’ll be wearing the brand’s classic styles like these slingback heels for years to come.

Small Sunglasses



Sunglasses with small frames can be controversial, but there’s no doubting their popularity.

Interested in the one It piece for summer? More on that here.