The '90s Fashion Trends I'll Still Wear in 10 Years


Getty Images

If you ask me, the '90s are having a full tilt revival right now, and there's nothing low-key about it. I recently found myself getting ready to go out on a Friday night, and I looked in the mirror at the outfit I had constructed only to realize that the slip dress, leather moto jacket, and tiny-strap heels I had on weren't as 2018 as I had originally thought. My outfit was undoubtedly influenced by '90s fashion trends.

That outfit is actually one that I wear pretty frequently on the weekends or to events. So if wearing head-to-toe '90s items is a "throwback", I don't ever want to be "current". I've long imagined myself wearing my leather jacket and slip dress for years to come, even pledging never to take it off despite L.A.'s 90-degree heat. In my mind, these items are far more timeless than they are fleeting. Keep reading to see which '90s "trends" actually have major staying power in my closet.