The #1 Surprising Thing From The Hills Special Involves Kim Kardashian


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It's been a decade since Lauren Conrad, then known as "LC," took the 405 from Laguna Beach to Los Angeles in her convertible to embark on the life-changing journey known as The Hills. And in honor of the popular MTV show's 10th anniversary, the network aired a 45-minute special titled That Was Then, This is Now, starring Lauren and detailed some revealing secrets from the series.

We found out that MTV producers had already set up Lauren's Teen Vogue internship, so the interview she had with West Coast Director Lisa Love was just for the cameras. However, she was grateful for the opportunity and said of the process, "I never assumed anything was mine." We also discovered that when Lauren finally said yes to Paris, the dreamy Parisian man who whisked her away on his motorcycle was actually a random person producers had picked out, and Lauren had zero interest in him (again, all for the cameras).

The biggest surprise, though, had nothing to do with Lauren. MTV surfaced unaired footage of Heidi and Spencer's apartment-warming party where Kim Kardashian was a guest. Yup! Heidi shows Kim around the apartment and shows off the couple's fish tank that housed "the only jellyfish in America." It's not that shocking that the Pratts would cross paths with Kim, since Spencer's BFF was Kim's stepbrother/Lauren's boyfriend at the time, Brody Jenner—but we can't believe MTV held out on us for 10 whole years!

Check out Us Weekly's clip below of the surprising cameo that didn't make the cut.


Us Weekly

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