The Vintage Bag Styles You'll See Everywhere This Year


(Image credit: Style du Monde)

When it comes to investment pieces, accessories tend to be the items most people research before purchasing. After all, a pair of statement earrings, shoes, or a bag can elevate the most boring basics and lend an ultra-chic look. Today we’re focusing on bags—vintage ones specifically. Investing in a bag that will last you a lifetime ultimately makes sense, which is why we’ve sifted through the clutter that is vintage shopping to bring you the best styles available.

But if you happen to be the type who enjoys the hunt, we recommend checking out more reputable websites, such as the What Goes Around Comes Around section on Shopbop or the luxury consignment site The Real Real. Both emphasize the importance of authenticating luxury pieces. When in doubt, you can check for a serial number or Google search the designer bag you’re interested in. There are plenty of forums and websites out there that can help you spot any potential fakes.

So what’s on our shopping list? We’re glad you asked. Keep scrolling to see the vintage scores we have our eyes on.

Managing Editor of Merchandising