7 Pretty Summer Trends Taylor Swift Wears in Her New Video


Gotham/Getty Images

In case you haven't heard, Taylor Swift is back, folks. As you've probably noticed, when Swift releases a new album (which is clearly on the horizon), she dresses accordingly. Swift has been dropping clues via her wardrobe and Instagram as of late, and with the release of her video "Me!" last night, it's all beginning to make sense.

Leading up to last night, Swift has been wearing her fair share of pretty pastels, florals, and tie-dye (a stark contrast to her streetwear-inspired look while promoting Reputation), and sure enough, her "Me!" looks are right in keeping with her recent outfits. The video is set in a candy-colored fantasy land (even the snake and her hair are pink), and Swift is decked out accordingly. Not only that, but many of her looks happen to incorporate major summer 2019 trends.

Keep scrolling to watch the highly anticipated video, and then shop the seven summer trends we spotted her wearing.

Shop the Trends


Nearly every look in the video is pastel, making people recall the "old Taylor." 


Love Swift's pink ruffled gown? Get a more accessible version of the look with this top.


Swift's pink ruffled gown and her final look of the video touch on the tie-dye trend that's currently supreme this season.

Short Suit

The fashion crowd has already started wearing short suits, similar to the blue one Swift wears toward the end of the video.

White Western Boots

Judging by the shoes Swift wears with her shorts suit, she clearly got the memo that white Western boots are a thing.


Swift's fuchsia and red heart dress further proves that this is the new pink color trend to buy.

Heart Earrings

Swift wears heart earrings twice in the video, proving that this jewelry trend is still going strong.

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