#TBT: When Taylor Swift Shared a Cover With Hilary Duff and Lauren Conrad

Where were you on October 13, 2008? Well, that was the day Us Weekly's Style Issue came out on newsstands, featuring a trio of It girls: Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, and Lauren Conrad. At the time, Swift was just 18 years old, Duff was 20, and Conrad was the oldest at 22. If they seem like an unlikely group, you're definitely on to something: We couldn't find any photos of the trio together post-2008, making this throwback cover all the more iconic.

The images show just how much their style has evolved since then: Swift was still in her cowboy-boots-and-curly-hair phase, Conrad wore a bubble-hem minidress, and Duff wore a long tank top with skinny leather pants. Although their outfits are more mature these days—Conrad and Duff are moms now after all—we couldn't resist looking back at their cute style from nine years ago.

Scroll down to see the throwback cover shoot featuring Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, and Lauren Conrad.