4 Swimsuit-Styling Hacks Fashion Girls Know

There are ways to style a swimsuit that will have you looking (and feeling) cooler than anyone else on the beach—they just might not seem so obvious. Luckily, I’ve rounded up four of them for you today, so you can skip the whole research part and get straight to the styling. Whether you have a summer vacation still in the works or simply like to kill it by the pool, these tricks will have you your swimwear selection looking and feeling like new while seriously upgrading your Instagram game. From mismatching to knotting to an unexpected hack even I was surprised by, see the styling tricks in action ahead and shop them along the way.

1. Flip It 

Sick of your simple, string bikinis or perhaps just looking to step up your beach game? Take cues from Australian model Olive Cook and flip it so that the ties that traditionally go around your neck go around your waist instead.

2. Mismatch It

Get more bang for your buck out of all your bikini sets by playing a little game of mix and match with the various tops and bottoms. As you can see above, the results are It girl–approved.

3. Belt It

Belting, which works on both one-pieces and bikinis is one of last summer’s trends that has continued into this year. I can say from personal experience that it really gives an entirely new look to your suit, and makes even your cheapest one look so expensive.

4. Knot It 

Before you give up on that old stretched-out triangle bikini top, take cues from Attico co-designer Gilda Ambrosio and try knotting it. It’ll work wonders for both the fit and the look.

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