The 6 Swim Trends That Will Dominate in 2020
The 6 Swim Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

The 6 Swim Trends That Will Dominate in 2020

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things swimwear this year. We couldn’t have you shopping for your summer suit without doing some research first, so we rounded up everything you need to know about what’s in—and according to who—and packaged it all together for you in today’s admittedly beautiful and easy-to-digest swim report. While our own intuition rarely fails us, we took things one step further and looked to two other sources to give us the lowdown on what’s worth paying attention to in the world of swim right now.

On that note, below you'll find the six major swimsuit trends of the season. As I mentioned, you'll have our editors' input, but in addition, we tapped two highly respected fashion insiders for their picks and then did some digging to see which styles and trends our very own readers have been buying, clicking, and engaging with the most at the moment. Read on to see how this came together in the form of six major trends, and shop our top picks for each one.

To give us the retail perspective, I looked no further than the women responsible for the selections on two of our favorite shopping sites, MatchesFashion and Shopbop. After all, they’re already informing our buying choices in a way, so why not make it official? Naturally, I was quite aligned with what they had to say, and their trends ended up being two of my favorites from what you’re about to see today.

Swimwear Trends 2020

If you thought tie-dye was just a short-lived quarantine trend, think again. According to Chelsea Power, senior buyer at MatchesFashion, “tie-dye is a strong theme this summer within swim trends. There are some great tie-dye cover-ups from this season which add a sense of joy to your poolside wardrobe.” Aside from swimwear and cover-ups, Power suggests accessorizing in the fun trend, and the site’s offering of hats and beach towels in the novel print can help you do it.

Shop tie-dye swimsuits:

Every little detail on this suit from the print to the seams to the embellishing is perfect.

Shop the matching Amore Tie-Dye Bikini Bottom ($144).

Faithfull's pink tie-dye prints especially have been all over my feed.

Shop the matching La Brie Bikini Bottoms ($90).

Frankies Bikinis is another brand to look to for countless trend-forward options this season. 

Shop the matching Tasha Bottom ($85).

Even for a tie-dye suit, this one is especially unique. 

Shop the matching Kolbie Bottoms ($88).

Swimwear Trends 2020

Next, I got the scoop from Shopbop’s fashion director, Caroline Maguire. Over there, “[they] are gushing over retro and detailed hardware on swim for this summer. This season will be all about high-waisted bottoms and belted one pieces, which are both comfortable and flattering.” As someone who knows firsthand how much more flattering a belt makes a bikini or swimsuit, and is always game for a little extra detailing, I took this as great news.

Shop swimsuits with belts and hardware:

This belt is removable so you can style it with other pieces you own, too.

This sparkly suit actually tackles two trends on this list.

Not to sound creepy, but thanks to technology, we know when our readers buy certain pieces from our stories in droves, click on some trends more than others, or share and engage with specific swim content at higher rates. Don’t worry, though. We use that information for good, as I’ve done here today. To help with this story, I recently tapped our data team, asking them to help me learn which swim trends our readers are loving most this year—and there were actually a ton. In fact, you guys seemed to love all of the trends featured today, but there were two that, in terms of numbers, stood out from the pack.

First, you all loved bra-style tops. Now, I don’t just keep saying this because this is my story, but I love them too! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little nod to lingerie in their swimwear look? I also find them to be so flattering and comfortable thanks to the way they feel like they hold you in just a bit more than their stringier counterparts. Lastly, they’re classic. If that’s not a winning trifecta, I don’t know what is.  

Shop bra-style bikini tops:

This one has been particularly prevalent on my feed, and I think it's clear why. PS: It also comes in a beautiful shade of pink. 

Shop the matching Daphne Bottoms ($85).

Guess who already got this one!

Shop the matching Dominican Bottoms ($49).

This new brand has nailed the boudoir theme through its cuts, colors, and choice of fabrics.

Shop the matching Joni High-Leg Briefs ($103).

Word on the street is that Who What Wear readers already love this suit!

Shop the matching Printed Bikini Briefs ($85).

Think smocked, ribbed, seersucker, terry, and crinkled fabrics utilized in everything from one-pieces to all styles of bikini cuts. If it’s anything but a basic, flat swim fabric, you guys are into it. It seems that all our favorite brands and influencers are too because I had no trouble finding endless amounts of Instagram inspiration or product selects to go along with this section.

Shop textured swimsuits:

I can't stop buying this brand's perfectly simple swimsuits.

Thanks to the texture, this classic bikini doesn't feel boring. 

Shop the matching Ridin' High Frenchi Bottoms ($99).

Another swimsuit style I love is one-shoulder.

Shop the matching Ribbed Bikini Bottoms ($28).

Finally, in case anyone cares what the team behind this very site is into, I tapped my fellow editors by way of a Slack poll to see which trends tickled their fancies most. It was close, but the two you're about to see (and get the chance to shop) below won our hearts this time around. 

Now, sparkly and glittery suits might not be the newest motif to hit the world of swimwear, but if you tried to find one a summer or two ago, I can recall that the options were limited to probably fewer brands than you could count on one hand. Today, they’re everywhere—but in a good way—and in every color and cut combination one could possibly want. In fact, narrowing down my favorites wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve tried to accomplish this week, but I’m happy to report that I did what had to be done.

Shop sparkly swimsuits:

The best $33 I plan to spend all week.

Shop the matching Bikini Bottoms ($13).

Oséree has definitely perfected the sparkly suit and is one of the brands that can be credited with ushering in the trend.

I don't know what I love more: this wine-inspired shade or the bra-inspired top.

Shop the matching Willa Tri Brief Port ($99).

Is it just me, or is this one extra sparkly?

Shop the matching Muliki Bikini Bottoms ($73).

Subtle, but still makes a statement. 

Shop the matching Grotto Bottoms ($90).

Now, if you’re looking for a newer trend to try, look no further than the aptly named and especially fresh floss bikini, coined by our very own Lauren Eggertsen just last month to refer to the way the suits' thin straps wrap around the body. While it may not be the ideal swim style for tan lines, on the flip side, it’s perfect for snapping pictures, lying in the shade, styling as a top, and letting the compliments roll in. Rest assured you can swim in them, too.

Shop floss bikinis:

This one from Matteau is a fashion-girl favorite, especially when paired with trousers.

A white option takes the name floss to the next level. 

Shop the matching Tulip Bottom ($78).

I'm so impressed by this Mango iteration.

Shop the matching Strap Side Bikini Bottom ($21).

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