Swimming Pool Blue Is Taking Over Fashion Instagram

It's not supposed to snow in Los Angeles. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic since the "snowstorm" we got a week or so ago didn't exactly blanket the Hollywood sign—or even mildly dust the Silver Lake Reservoir. But it has been sub-50º and rainy for what seems like a solid month now, and since I've never dared to turn on the terrifying, ancient heater in my definitely haunted 1920s west Hollywood (but not quite West Hollywood) apartment building, I've spent most of my recent off-duty hours submerged in a really, really hot bath, a good, slightly damp book at my side.

What can I say? I'm a Pisces, ergo I'm drawn toward water (and being perpetually 15 minutes late anywhere and everywhere I go). I like the beach, but I'm more of a swimming pool kinda girl since I've lived in Southern California long enough to use over-the-top words like "freezing" and "icy" to describe any and all temperatures that fall below 70º. So when I was laying in said bath dreaming of warmer weather and lazily scrolling through Instagram the other night, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon several head-to-toe looks featuring a color trend that reminds me of good times spent hanging out in the deep end and warmer days ahead.

The color trend I'm referring to—one I've dubbed "swimming pool blue"—isn't an exact hue per se. It's a feeling, a vibe, a warm-weather dream, a promise of good things to come. (I told you I was a Pisces.) But what I can say about it for sure is this: It's on the lighter side, it's slightly green-tinged, it's at least a little sun-bleached, it's got some texture to it, some shimmer… some emotion. It's cool (but not too cool) and shimmery and will be there for you through the bitter end of this season we call winter. Our go-to retailers agree and have stocked their shelves accordingly, meaning all you have to do is dive in to the curation of Instagram-acquired inspiration and market picks below.