What to Wear for the Rest of the Year, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We wear zodiac pendants, buy crystals to place on our bedsides tables and study horoscopes for cosmic guidance on our love/work lives, so why shouldn’t our birth month have a bearing on what we should wear? Our interpreter of choice is Amelia Quint, an astrologer based in South Carolina who has written horoscopes for Coveteur, MyDomaine and Rookie.

Ready to see what your zodiac sign says about what you should wear this season? We picked 12 of the biggest trends for this autumn and asked Quint to match one to each star sign. Think of this as your outfit horoscope for this month. It won’t help with whether to pursue your crush or postpone that big meeting with your boss, but it will make getting dressed a whole lot easier.



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“Your sign is always on the go, so throw on a puffer jacket to keep you warm while you’re out! Your motto is ‘the bigger, the better,’ and that goes for this trend too. Bright colours and oversized shapes add an unexpected touch to any ensemble.”



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“Your luxurious sign has an amazing eye for accessories, which is why you’ll love to pin on one of this season’s eye-catching brooches. Whether it’s floral, feathered, or enamelled, this old-school touch will make you look elegant.”



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“Grunge is your edgy sign’s go-to aesthetic, but this season, update your typical plaid by opting or a check pattern instead. It’s a more refined take on flannel and will add a note of retro-glam to your wardrobe.”



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“You never compromise on comfort, which is why this season’s Fair Isle knits are perfect for you. They’re undeniably cosy and are just the kind of classic style your history-loving sign craves.”



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“We know you love to be noticed, and leather always does the trick. Whether it’s a tough motorcycle jacket for day or sleek boots for nighttime, this tried-and-true texture always projects confidence.”



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“Timeless is your default style setting, which is why you always go for neutrals, but this season, try adding a side of leopard print to your look. It’s got the vintage feel you love and will undoubtedly match any of your favourite black, chocolate, or camel-coloured pieces.”



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“There’s nothing you love in an outfit more than soft, smooth textures, so your airy sign will adore this season’s delicate feathers. Whether they’re on a skirt, dress, or handbag, these touches will make you feel graceful.”



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“You love to cultivate an air of mystery with your style, and this season’s interesting trenches help you do just that. Instead of going with the typical tan, surprise onlookers with a deep maroon, forest or navy.”



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“Your intrepid sign loves the outdoors, so channel that inspiration this season with some cowboy boots. This playful style is a step-up from your usual knee-high boots and looks amazing with denim.”



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“Nothing looks better on your sign than a suit, but this season, mix up the proportions with a slouchy trouser and jacket pairing. A wide leg gives off a relaxed vibe—even if you’re hustling hard behind the scenes.”



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“Your rebellious sign thrives on standing out from the crowd, so dare to try on some of this season’s neon. Whether it’s a head-to-toe commitment or an eye-popping shoe or bag, you make pulling off these fearless hues look effortless.”



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“You’re the zodiac’s romantic, and with this season’s florals, you may have found your fashion soul mate. Whether the print is soft and ethereal or dark and moody, you’ll look like a dream in one of these dresses.”