I Hate the Color Brown, But I'm Into These 17 Pieces


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

I’m just not that into brown. Sue me! Usually, the next thing I’d say would be, "Never have been, never will be," but some of this season’s pieces have me rethinking the latter. While I usually only stray from my wardrobe color palette of black, white, and blue (because jeans) for a serious exception, recently I find myself uncharacteristically drawn to a new neutral, and it’s kind of weird.

At first, when I saw the shade on countless garments coming down the S/S 19 runways last September, I was nothing more than intrigued, but now that the clothes and accessories have finally made it to market, I find myself letting certain pieces slide into my wish lists and almost my shopping cart. The fashion week street style that's going on right now certainly isn't helping the matter either. So just what am I loving? Just keep scrolling to first see some of my favorite runway inspiration for the trend then to see and shop my picks.