I Have 5 Vacations This Summer and Already Planned My Outfits—Here's a Preview

And just like that, we're back to jet setting. After slowly easing my way back into the travel sphere over time, I'm fully on the go again. I strongly believe in manifesting and had been picturing a summer filled with packed flights and it's finally come into fruition. I've already hit up Tulum and Miami, and I'm headed back to Miami, Los Angeles, London, Italy, and Portugal in the next two months. So it's safe to say that you can count on me if you want to know how to plan outfits for your trips. I've taken the job so seriously, that I have begun to make PowerPoints with all of my outfits so I don't forget a thing when I'm on the go.

The best place to look for outfit inspiration, personally, has always been my Instagram feed. My favorite creators have been sporting looks that are far too good to keep to myself. Scroll on to find the eight standout outfits I know I'll for sure be copying during my trips. You're going to want to add these to your Pinterest board, so enjoy!

Now, this is the effortless vibe that I'm going for. Next time I end up at a beach, I'm going to pair my bikini with an oversize "dad" shirt that looks just like this one. 

Dark denim has caught my eye lately, so it's time for a new pair of denim shorts.

The second I saw this dress, I stopped scrolling. Something about a crochet mini just screams vacation. My suitcase requires a dress like this.

Shop the look:

My suitcase is filled with bright bags and bright bags only.

The kind of sandals I'd wear to be on my feet all day.

Summer travel outfits for 2022



The sporty girls are going to love this one. A Y2K tank looks even better when paired with a good cargo. Topping it off with thong platform sandals just makes sense.

Summer travel outfits for warm weather



If you know me, you know I won't go out in a bikini without styling it up. Scarves, coverups, sunglasses, and jewelry make your favorite bikini way more fun. When you can only bring a few items on your trip, load up on accessories so you can rewear your favorite bikini many times.

Owning a white bikini is required.

Use your imagination and you will find yourself wearing this scarf as a top, belt, headscarf, and more.

My mom was recently packing for a trip and said she was feeling tired over her collection of cover-ups. I told her to try packing a pair of white pants to wear with bikinis and she'll feel like she has a brand-new look. You should do the same.

Shop the look:

Every trip has to include a night out, and mine requires a minidress like this one. I love the fun Y2K-inspired accessories that really complete the look.

Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses at night can really be a thing. Have you seen this pair?

A good slip can easily be taken from day to night.



Vineyard trip? Yes, please! This look is the perfect coastal grandaughter ensemble. Pretty florals, a classic tee, and a headband.

Shop the look:

When you're tired of the same hairstyle every day, you'll want this in your suitcase.

I'm an avid baby-tee girl right now.



Who knew a white tank and jeans could look so chic? Picking one with a good logo is the first step to perfecting this look. You'll be able to explore the city for days when you wear this.