12 Days Into Summer, These Are Already the Best Travel Outfits

Summer (officially) arrived just 12 days ago as this is being published, and yet I feel as if I've been living in a summer state of mind ever since April. I've been anticipating the best season of the year for all of the obvious reasons, but also for the plethora of summer vacations that I'll be stalking on Instagram (as well as jetting off to a few places myself).

Like I said, stalking stylish vacations is somewhat of a pastime for me, so I've rounded up the very best summer travel outfits to serve as your ultimate inspiration no matter how far from home you're venturing. You can bet that the following outfits will be the most epic looks we've seen yet this season. Think massive straw sunhats and equally as massive puff sleeves, aka outfits that are the most "summer 2018". Ahead, see the looks I'm crowning as the best yet and shop the key pieces to achieve them.

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