7 Shoe Trends to Pack for Your Warm-Weather Vacation

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At the risk of sounding dramatic, packing the wrong shoes for a trip can be a potential nightmare. I can say this from experience, and you probably can too. I walk a lot more when I travel than I do during my everyday work-from-home life. I also live in the South and drive everywhere, which contributes to the fact that I don't always prioritize comfort when shoe shopping. I'm sure to invest in a few pairs with travel in mind every season, and comfort and walkability are the MO.

The good news about the current shoe trends is that there are plenty that are perfectly suited for vacation-related adventures. They're both stylish and walkable, even the heels. The great thing about travel-friendly shoes is that they're obviously not solely reserved for travel. In fact, it's best to test out and break in any shoes you're thinking of packing in advance.

Scroll on if you're going on a trip and are in need of some suitable shoes.

Sporty Sneakers

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Given the amount of walking you might be doing on your time away from home, it's smart to add a pair of feet-friendly shoes to your cart. Sporty sneakers, while being some of the kindest on your soles, are usually the cutest pairs of shoes too. Opt for a colorful pair of Adidas Sambas or chunky sneakers.

Ballerina Flats

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If you know me, you know I swear by ballerina flats for everything. Mesh! Satin! Bow-lined! The world is your oyster when you pack a pair—just make sure to get a pair that's supportive and great for walking. While I swear by my Margaux ballet flats for long distances, any of the below pairs should do the trick.

Kitten Wedges

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If you want a bit of a height boost without having to sacrifice wobbling on cobblestone streets, may I suggest a pair of kitten wedges? Without a heel, these shorter, wider platforms will give you a lift sans ankle rolling. Plus, there are plenty of cute open-toed options to choose from.

Embellished Sandals

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I have a soft spot for sandals with chic embellishments—toe rings, sleek hardware, and delicate details all included. This spring- and summer-friendly style can be amped up with a few precious details, so if you're hoping to snag a pair of unique shoes no one on your feed has, these are just the solution.

Sleek Loafers

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Truthfully, I've never packed loafers and regretted it. These shoes will go with practically everything, from linen pants to denim shorts to sundresses. Instead of going for a chunky sole, though, opt for a minimalistic, trend-forward silhouette that features a lower-to-the-ground look and sleek leather.


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What's more spring and summer than these classic shoes? There are plenty of adorable espadrille options out there for you to chose from, ranging from affordable finds to luxury-level splurges. Either way, it won't feel like a true vacation without a pair of these everywhere you go.

Chunky Sandals

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While you'd think chunky sandals may be a bit too dangerous to take on vacation due to all the walking you'll be doing, I actually find this style much more comfortable than something that's lower to the ground. Flatforms might be your best bet if you're a bit cautious about wearing open-toed shoes while walking down touristy streets without making your feet hurt extra bad after a day of walking on a flimsy, thin pair of flip-flops.

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