These 34 Zara, H&M, and & Other Stories Pieces Will Be Everywhere by Summer

Affordable summer fashion


@zara; Pictured: Zara Mini Skirt ($69)

As a busy fashion editor, I need my wardrobe stocked at all times with the best of the best. This leads me to lean heavily on my consistent scrolls of the new-arrivals sections of my favorite retail sites. The things I've seen lately have been too good not to share, so buckle up—you're in for a ride.

My summer wardrobe will have two distinct personalities, and below, you're going to see a mashup of both. The first will be the clean-girl aesthetic that's currently trending on TikTok. It'll be a substantial collection of wardrobe staples styled to their maximum potential. The second persona in my wardrobe will be an aesthetic based on the bright and colorful runway collections I've been seeing lately. All of the shopping required to fit the bill for my double life is being presented to you today, so join me in drooling over these pieces.


The perfect pair of jeans for summer.

I'm telling everyone about this dress.

Crochet basically owns us all this summer.

Did someone say going-out tops?

The styling opportunities are endless.

Earthy embellishments are having a moment—here's proof.

Evidence that I deserve a vacation lies here.

Probably the best white dress I've ever seen.

I'm addicted to shirts like this.


The second these sandals launched, I shared them with a few friends.

I've never seen a cooler tank top.

The right jewelry is so important to have on hand.

I can't get over how good this slip dress is.

All eyes on these shoes.

Perfect for when the AC hits.

The knit dress is such an underrated wardrobe staple IMO.

& Other Stories

Throw this sweater over your shoulders on your way out the door.

A subtle nod to the wedge-sandal trend.

You can never have too many pairs of jeans.