I Spent the Week Test-Driving My Summer Wardrobe—8 Easy Looks to Copy

We are just seconds away from summer, and if you're like me, you've already enthusiastically switched out the winter pieces in your closet with summer fashion favorites that were hiding in storage. I was a bit optimistic having done this extra early this year, but the feeling of running my hands across my closet and feeling breezy cotton and linen fabrics instead of soft knits was well worth it.

Since my summer wardrobe has been heavily on display for a few weeks now, I decided that, despite the fact that it still feels much more like spring in New York, I'd spend a few days testing out the pieces I am most excited to wear this summer. I'm leaning into longer hemlines, with maxis and midis making themselves known here. Clearly, you'll see that I'm also loving updated basics and well-tailored pieces. Scroll on to see eight looks that you'll definitely want to copy.

One of the best parts of warm weather is that I snap out of my winter minimalist phase and start wearing all of the colors in the rainbow. This yellow set is first up, and I already know that I am going to wear it a handful of times this summer. In person, the quality is unmatched, and it highlights just the right part of the midsection to make my abs pop.

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Shop the matching Kiera Midi Skirt ($169).

I can think of so many ways to accessorize it.

On the first pool day of the year, I had to tap into the saturated-colors trend. Pairing my oversize orange button-down with a pop of pink was definitely the right move. I love how the whole look came together, and it gave a cohesive yet effortless vibe that I'm so here for.

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I'm wearing this as we speak, and with orange being the color of the year, I just know it's going to be a staple in my closet all season.

This skirt has come to define who I am as a person—bright, vibrant, and fun. The first time I wore it, I toned it down with a basic tank top, but this time, I decided to dress it up a bit with a corset, and that's definitely the way to do it. Lingerie-inspired pieces are going to have a big moment this year, and if you're interested in experimenting, you should try this top.

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Linen midi dresses are no stranger to my summer wardrobe. I've been living in them for a few seasons now, but this one is truly next-level. I haven't stopped raving about it since the moment I first tried it on. The bustier top is very Bridgerton-esque, and I love how it flares out into a skirt. Pairing it with ballet flats was a fantastic styling decision of mine, I must say.

Can you tell I love matching sets? This bright-green one from Zara immediately caught my eye. When I saw it in person, I couldn't believe it didn't cost me a few hundred dollars. Everything about it is so good, the embellishments feel very luxe, and the tweed might as well have been from Chanel. I've already worn both pieces as separates and am in love.

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Shop the matching Structured Shorts ($49).

This jacket would also look so good on top of my party looks.

I can easily walk for miles in these.

Low-rise jeans own me right now, and of all the denim in my closet, these have to be my most worn pair. Wearing anything low-rise with a ribbed tank top is basically going to be my summer uniform on casual days. Pairing it with Y2K-inspired accessories like these blue shoes was definitely the move.

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You need to deep dive into the low-rise trend.

I don't think I've ever gotten more "Where is that from?" questions before I wore these pants. The second I first unboxed them, I knew I had myself a winner. The bright and fun floral print is the perfect combination of colors to turn heads all summer.

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My most comfortable heels at the moment.

When a dress is this good, you stop what you're doing and take a selfie. That's exactly how my first time wearing this dress made me feel. With only a fraction of the print peeking into the camera frame, it makes a statement. I truly felt like a princess while wearing it.

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It's the perfect length and has a fun open back.

These earrings have been one of my most frequently worn pairs as of late.

7 summer pieces I'm dying to wear next:

I immediately sent this to the fashion-editor group chat.

Everyone I know is loving oval sunglasses right now, and this is the pair I think we should all have.

It's going to be a white-tank kind of summer.

I'll be wearing these every day.