Satisfying Proof You Can Wear Boots During Summer



Sandals, popsicles, and picnics—these things all bring summertime to mind. Boots, on the other hand, not so much. While we consider them to be a wardrobe staple, traditionally, boots—short and tall—tend to be a fan favorite for the cooler months of the year. But before you go through the effort of tucking your winter footwear away, we're here to convince you that summer boots are worthy of a wear this year.

Below you'll find seven boot styles that aren't just designed for snowy days, as they're actually ideal for warm-weather activities. Whether you're headed on a vacation or just need some inspiration for what to wear while trekking through your hometown, ideas abound below. And because we know you'll want to do a little shopping, we picked out our favorite summer boots for you to add to your collection too. While we can't promise you'll want to give up sandals completely, these boots will help you create your ideal ensembles in the coming months.