The 7 Fashion Commandments Stylish Women Live By

As we're more than half way through the year, it is time to start thinking about how your style has evolved so far in 2017, and where you want it to go next. And by it, we mean your personal style. Now is not the time to worry about trends, instead, start the new financial year abiding by the seven fashion commandments every stylish woman in your life lives by. How do we know this? Because she gets it right over, and over, and over again.

Keep reading to see the style lessons to live by and then shop our editor-approved picks.


1. Always Choose Classic Over Drastic
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While some trends are just too good to resist, most of the time, truly stylish women do. If you’re ever having a fashion crisis before work, stop, take a moment, and bring it back to the classics. White T-shirt. Black pencil skirt. Pumps. Out the door.


2. Plan Ahead, Then Wear it First
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Stylish women don’t just wear trends (in a personal way), but they also spot them. You’d be surprised how easy this is to do if you pay attention. The fact that you’re reading Who What Wear Australia is a good start—wink! —so keep your eyes firstly on the street style before a show, as most designers will dress editors and bloggers in key runway pieces, then watch it on the runway, then see it move to social media. This backless dress is a great example of pre-show trend spotting.


3. Always Personalise the Trend
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If a stylish woman does wear a trend, she’ll do it in a way you haven’t seen before. She’ll make it her own. This could be as subtle as wearing a printed neck tie instead of plain black, or wearing that neck tie as a belt.


4. Invest in Fabrics and Cuts That Last
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Big international chains arriving to our sunny shores is fantastic, but often you’ll see stylish Australian women in Australian labels. You will never, ever regret investing in quality fabrics and cuts that can be worn every season—like a simple, slimline dress. 


5. The "It” Anything Isn’t a Sure Thing
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This season the Chloé Drew bag is everywhere. And rightly so because it is beautiful. But when it comes to everlasting style and investment pieces like a designer bag, stylish women will buy the one that is nondescript and she’ll use it for a few years.


6. Stay True to What Flatters You
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While we wish mini dresses or over-the-knee boots suited everyone, the simple fact is they don’t. You need to discover what flatters your figure and then own that style. Make it your signature and never leave the house feeling unsure again. Take Carine Roitfeld for example—the pencil skirt is her thing


7. Always Do the Unexpected
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And finally, just like when Big makes love he rarely stays between the lines (sorry?), truly stylish women run their own fashion race. If it is a cocktail party, she’ll wear a suit. If the occasion calls for her best heels, she’ll turn up in the most amazing brogues you’ve ever seen. Key learning: Be original.

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What fashion commandment do you live by? Let us know in the comments below!

Alison Rice