My Style Is Simple, and These Statement Pieces Aren't Too Much

So I’m sure you’ve heard the rundown before, but I’ll say it again for anyone new to my little content bubble: I have unabashedly simple style. I pretty much live in jeans, T-shirts, and whatever the classic footwear choice of the season is, whether that be ankle boots, sneakers, or sandals, and I rotate outerwear as needed. However, aside from my confidence in the fact that, when done right, simple style never has to be boring, I also would be lying if I didn’t say I love to sprinkle in a good statement piece here and there.

In fact, whether it’s clothing, jewelry, bags, or shoes, I’ve found that statement items are the easiest to master when your style is simple because you already have the perfect, no-fuss canvas. So, if you’re ready to add an element of “extra” to your wardrobe, just keep scrolling to shop my favorite statement items of the moment—many of which are already in my closet.