18 Chic and Affordable Finds That Tap Into Spring's Biggest Trends

As much as I can, I try to shop for vintage pieces. I find that wearing vintage allows me to wear something special that’s not circulating in fashion at the moment and also track down items I may have missed out on the first time around, like a pair of Prada mules I recently ordered and can’t stop wearing. I also think vintage is a great way to support sustainable fashion and give older items a new life. Plus, vintage can often be a much more affordable way to buy designer pieces so is always a great place to start for anyone on a budget.

But just because you’re wearing vintage items, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t wear the current trends. Here, I’m bringing you six major spring trends and the under-$250 pieces that tap into them. With finds like a pastel blue Jacquemus dress to a pinstriped Jil Sander pantsuit to a Givenchy chain link necklace (and more), these are too good to pass up on. Ahead, shop my edit.

Pastel Shades

Chain Necklaces

Baseball Hats


Leather Trousers

Shoes with Chains

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