The Chic Flats Style That'll Keep You Comfortable This Season and Beyond



There's a variety of classic shoe styles to wear in the spring and summer, but slingback flats are a top contender. If you're not someone who wants to walk in flimsy flip-flops or dainty sandals, the extra back support on a flat is probably the option for you. Popularized by Chanel with its iconic slingback, it's the perfect shoe to look chic and still feel comfortable—since some of us may not be returning to heels so easily as either. The strap gives gentle support to your heel, so you're not blistering with a regular flat or feeling like you have no support with an open-backed shoe. 

Since it's a very classically deemed shoe, it can be hard to find pairs that meet the lines of comfort and forward design, which is why I did the search for you. Below, you'll find 23 pairs of slingback flats that you'll want to wear all season long (and beyond.) You can thank me later.

The other colors sold out fast, so act quick.

If you're looking for a pop of color in the summer time.

I love this take on a typical black slingback.

I'm thinking of giving up on heels entirely. 

You already know these are unbelievably comfy. Plus, they're cool now. I don't care what anyone says.

Simple but you'll probably get much wear out of them.

I want these for vacations where I have to walk a bit but it's too hot for sneakers.

We designed your new favorite white sandal.

So perfect for the warmer weather, don't you think?

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