10 Cheaper Alts I Found That Are Just as Good as Sofia Richie's Chanel Flats

There's a variety of classic shoe styles to wear in the spring and summer, but slingback flats are a top contender. If you're not someone who wants to walk in flimsy flip-flops or dainty strappy sandals, the extra back support on a slingback is probably the option for you. Popularized by Chanel with its iconic cap-toed design, it's the perfect shoe to look chic and still feel comfortable—since some of us may not wear high heels as gracefully as others. The strap gives gentle support to your heel, so you're not blistering with a regular flat or feeling like you have no support with an open-backed shoe. 

Since it's a shoe style that's been around for years, it can be tricky to find pairs that meet the lines of comfort and modern design, which is why I did the search for you. Below, you'll find 20 pairs of slingback flats at both affordable and splurge-worthy price points. Trust me, you'll want to wear them all season long (and beyond.)

Shop Affordable Slingbacks:

The multiple straps and red-hot shade make this a very of the moment pair. 

While these have a little bit of a heel, the block heel will keep you just as comfortable as flats would. 

While these look nothing like the Chanel flats, they are still ridiculously cool. (I think they'll offer a more edgier touch to your summer white linens.)

Why get a pair of loafers and slingbacks when you can have both in one shoe?

I'm all for a comfortable shoe that still makes a statement.

Shop Splurge-Worthy Slingbacks:

The pair that everyone dreams about. If you're willing to make the splurge, I don't think you'll regret it. 

I love how although these shoes are sequined, the cream color still offers an air of minimalism that keeps them lowkey. 

Reformation is an expert at making trendier pieces more wearable, so it's no surprise the brand released these premium-looking flats.

If you like things a little bit more edgier, everyone's talking about these Ganni flats.

Simple but effortlessly chic.