The Unexpected Winter Essential That Makes Me More Confident

Let me just get it out there. When it comes to winter staples, there's one you wouldn't catch me dead in. The turtleneck. In fact, up until last year, I legit had a vendetta against the high-neck sweaters. I thought they were stuffy, uncomfortable, and annoying (aka trying too hard). But it wasn't until I received one as a gift (meaning: free) that I decided to at least try the knit I seemed to "despise" so much.

Naturally, like many things I decided to try in life (kale and vodka martinis included), I learned to love it—so much so that after this initial bond (note the sweater in question was this Babaton Johannes Sweater), I decided the once-hated item would actually become the most pivotal piece in my winter uniform. 

Seriously. After testing out the look and absorbing the compliments I received from friends (humble brag), I realized I somehow felt more regal and looked more forward simply by adopting the idea of a turtleneck once and for all. Of course, a classic crewneck sweater is nice and works for specific occasions, but a turtleneck gives off that sophisticated, polished vibe without really trying. More importantly, in my case anyway, it actually made me feel 10 times more confident in my look because of its slimming qualities. The high neck detail inherently elongates the overall silhouette, giving off a longer and leaner vibe. 

And I'm clearly not the only fashion person out there with an affinity for the turtleneck. For seasons, It girls and street styles stars have embraced the look as well, incorporating the winter must-have into their ensembles.

How do you feel about turtlenecks? If you haven't tested one out in awhile (but are intrigued), or if you're already on board and looking for styling tricks, keep scrolling to check out interesting ways to wear turtlenecks right now. Plus, go a bit further to shop some of my favorite styles you're bound to love just as much as I do.