5 Stylish Winter Outfits (That Are Actually Warm)

When you're getting dressed for those really cold days, your first priority is most likely figuring out how you're going to conquer those frigid temperatures without legit turning into an icicle. For those of you who spend a solid chunk of your day commuting outside (hey, New Yorkers!), you understand the need for a functional winter uniform more than anyone. And while your warmth should always be a priority, it is actually possible to keep any winter ensemble stylish, as well—despite all the layers.

To showcase the best outfit ideas of the season, we turned to some of our favorite fashion bloggers who've pinpointed what we all should be wearing. Note that some of the ensembles will work best when it's cold (but not necessarily below zero) while others work better for more extreme temperatures. In other words, there's something for everybody based on the climate you live in.

Go on to find your new go-to winter uniform. Plus, shop each, too!