I Have So Many Video Meetings Now—Here's How I Prep My Skin


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Waking up in the morning definitely isn't what it used to be. Gone (hopefully just for a while) are the days when I'm scrambling to get it together before rushing out the door to fight L.A. traffic. These mornings, I actually have time to do all the things that I always wished I could do: make a healthy smoothie, meditate, stretch, and most importantly, complete a proper skincare routine. In fact, since the only way we're talking to each other is through video calls, it's extra important for me to keep my face looking fresh. These days, it's the equivalent of a cute outfit at the office.

My skin has been clearer than ever lately—probably due to the fact that I'm not putting any face makeup on, but I like to think that it also has to do with the little extra TLC I'm giving it. Curious about the products I use to get it so glowy? Keep scrolling for what I'm putting on my face every step of the way.

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Tone

Step 3: Vitamin C

Step 4: Eye Cream

Step 5: Hydrate

Step 6: Sculpt

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Anneliese Henderson
Senior Editor, Branded Content

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