I Have So Many Video Meetings Now—Here's How I Prep My Skin

Waking up in the morning definitely isn't what it used to be. Gone (hopefully just for a while) are the days when I'm scrambling to get it together before rushing out the door to fight L.A. traffic. These mornings, I actually have time to do all the things that I always wished I could do: make a healthy smoothie, meditate, stretch, and most importantly, complete a proper skincare routine. In fact, since the only way we're talking to each other is through video calls, it's extra important for me to keep my face looking fresh. These days, it's the equivalent of a cute outfit at the office.

My skin has been clearer than ever lately—probably due to the fact that I'm not putting any face makeup on, but I like to think that it also has to do with the little extra TLC I'm giving it. Curious about the products I use to get it so glowy? Keep scrolling for what I'm putting on my face every step of the way.

Step 1: Cleanse

I haven't put any sort of face makeup on since the beginning of quarantine (giving myself a break!), but occasionally I'll practice an eye shadow tutorial on YouTube when I'm bored. Even though I use these towelettes every night, I also use them in the morning to wipe off any extra product that I may have missed so I'm as fresh-faced as possible. I've been using them since high school, and they've never failed me. 

I don't use this every day, but it's a nice way to start my routine if I'm not using the Neutrogena towelettes. It literally melts everything—even that pesky waterproof mascara—away. It just requires a little bit more cleanup. I also like that it's better for the environment than using individual wipes.

Let me start off by saying, I love Summer Fridays. Marianna Hewitt (the founder of the brand) has claimed to have more sensitive skin like myself, so I know I can always trust any product she puts out. This new cleanser is super lightweight and leaves my face feeling clean and moisturized.

This is slowly becoming one of my favorite cleansers of quarantine for many reasons. One is that it gets super foamy so my face feels like it's getting a good wash and the other being that it smells like a tropical vacation, which I could really use right now.

Ahh, old faithful. I'm a huge advocate for all Cetaphil products. They've always been there for me and my sensitive skin. Whenever my skin is acting up, I always go back to my basics and reach for this cleanser. I also keep a mini size that comes on every trip with me. 

Step 2: Tone

I'll be honest: I'm not really a toner person. I only really use it when my skin seems super oily or if I'm breaking out more than usual. Maybe that's the wrong approach, but it seems to work for me. So when I do use toner, I like a gentler product like this one from Circumference. It contains lavender hydrosol and organic aloe leaf juice, and it just makes my skin feel super good. 

This is another gentle toner that I use on and off. I love Pixi products since they're super affordable and really gets the job done.

Step 3: Vitamin C

Here I am again, shouting out my love, Summer Fridays, for another amazing product. I just started using a vitamin C serum after a friend of mine scolded me for not having incorporated one into my skincare routine (whoops!). It's only been a few weeks, but I've actually noticed some of my hyperpigmentation going down.

I love this serum. My skin always feels so much softer after using it! Plus, it's really good at smoothing out fine lines, if you're into that.

This was a recommendation from my roommate, who is obsessed with Sunday Riley. I think the fact that it has turmeric in it threw me off at first, but I'm really happy I tried it. My face looked brighter after only one use.

Step 4: Eye Cream

I bought this baby after hearing how much my co-workers loved it. Not only is it super affordable, but it goes into action quick. It absorbs super fast and feels really cooling on my skin. I've already noticed my under-eyes getting brighter.

I just recently ran out of this and need to restock ASAP. This stuff firms, smoothes, brightens, depuffs, prevents UV damage, boosts the rejuvenation of skin cells, increases collagen, and more. The whole shebang! 

I used my mom's tub of Dior eye cream when I was home last year during winter break, and I now keep a tiny sample of it in my beauty cabinet for when I want to feel luxurious. I, unfortunately, can't justify spending this much on eye cream while I'm only 24.

This is another product that I steal from my roommate from time to time. It absorbs into my skin really nicely, and the fact that it has cherries in it just makes me really happy.

Step 5: Hydrate

Yes, Summer Fridays is on the list once again—and for good reason. This was my first product I ever used from the brand, and I've gone through many tubes since. It's ultra-moisturizing and super gentle (you can even use it as an eye cream!). I use it every day and always after applying the Overtime Mask

No, this is not a face moisturizer—it's for your lips. Though I usually use this at night, I like to rub a little on my lips in the a.m. for a hydrated, glossy look. It makes me feel a little spruced up for a video call. 

I got a sample of this with the Versed eye gel I bought, and so far, so good. It has a gel-like texture that doesn't leave your face sticky and absorbs into the skin quickly. I can see this becoming an everyday staple. 

I had never used a face oil until my boss sent me a link to this one. She told me what a game changer it was for her, so I figured I'd try it on myself. I must say, I am glowing. 

I got a sample of this as my birthday gift from Sephora. I recently found it in my toiletry bag from a trip and decided to bring it out for a whirl. It's so light (it almost feels whipped!) and is a perfect moisturizer for day and night.

Step 6: Sculpt

This tool is kind of nuts—I'm not going to lie. It was created to replicate an esthetician's fingertip movements and tighten the skin around your eyes and lips. (The bigger version targets larger areas.) The solar panel on the side transforms sunlight and indoor light into microcurrents that stimulate circulation in your skin. I really feel it working every time I use it.

Have you heard everyone and their mother raving over gua sha yet? Yes, they're as magical as everyone describes them. Not only is it a mini massage for your face, but the stone is supercooling.

A jade roller will never fail you—trust me! I actually keep this by my desk while I work and reward myself with a little facial massage every now and then.