We're Working From Home But Never Skip These Morning Beauty Rituals

As Team Who What Wear has learned firsthand over the last few weeks, there are lots of wonderful things about working from home. For starters, it gives us an excuse to wear exclusively soft pants, which is truly a gift. Then, there are all the luxurious at-home beauty treatments we suddenly have the time to indulge in. But what about our regular morning beauty routines? Have those changed at all? Short answer: yes.

Not leaving the house means our beauty regimens, especially those carried out in the morning when we'd ordinarily be prepping to head to the office, have undergone some changes. Some of us, like our WFH veteran Ally, have already nailed the morning beauty rundown. But for others on our team, our morning beauty rituals have morphed to suit the new normal. Ahead, check out the indispensable beauty rituals of five of our editors, and see how your morning routine stacks up.

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour, Senior Market Editor


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"Although I am going absolutely nowhere, every morning when I wake up, I give my eyebrows a little brush as I normally would when getting dressed to go out for the day. It's an easy, two-second thing that makes me feel more like my usual, put-together self (even if I'm at home in sweatpants). One not-so-easy thing I've also been doing is blow-drying my long, thick, and curly Persian hair whenever I wash it (which is usually every three or four days). My husband finds the habit very strange, but something about having my hair feel soft and smooth, even if it's just for myself to see, also gives me a sense of normalcy that's important to me right now. It's definitely worth the effort."

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Courtney Higgs, Associate Beauty Editor


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"This might sound like a no-brainer, but I brush my teeth twice daily, every single day. The first few days of my new work from-home-arrangement were weird, to say the least, and I found myself forgetting to check some of my most basic daily practices off my list. It's kind of gross, but I'm woman enough to admit that, yes, I straight up forgot to brush my teeth in the morning on more than one occasion. On the days when I let that habit slip, I ended up feeling mentally scattered and just out of sorts in ways that I wouldn't have anticipated. I made a promise to myself (and to my partner, who should not be subjected to sharing space with someone with funky breath) that dental hygiene would remain at the top of my morning to-dos. I've committed to brushing, water flossing, tongue scraping, and swishing mouth wash every single morning (and night!), whether I'm leaving the house or not. I'll also do a lip scrub once a week or so to keep any dry skin at bay. It's a simple routine that's easy to take for granted but really sets the tone for my day and just makes me feel more put-together. Not to mention that keeping oral health in order is critical to our overall well-being, which is more important than ever."

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Anna LaPlaca, Associate Editor


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"My skincare has stripped down to the basics these days, and while my skin has been loving the break from makeup and air pollutants, I'm still very much cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing each morning, no question. This gel cleanser from Caudalie is my daily go-to because it's nice and gentle, and I've just started using this exfoliating mask from Youth to the People, which has a brightening effect. Lastly, I dab on some of Augustinus Bader's miracle-working face cream for a bit of hydration."


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"With more time at home, my morning routine has expanded into a full wellness moment. In addition to taking my daily supplements and drinking plenty of water, I've started making a ginger lemon tonic tea from scratch, and honestly, I've never felt more energized inside and out. It's a recipe I normally use when I feel myself starting to get sick, but I've been drinking one or two mugs on the daily because I figure why not get my immune system into tip-top shape?"

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Erin Jahns, Beauty Editor


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"My skincare routine right now is really basic since I'm dialing it down after exacerbating my acne-prone skin last year. It's in the process of healing, so the products I'm choosing right now are all gentle, hydrating, and targeted to prevent congestion and address lingering acne. If I've just worked out, I always reach for Koh Gen Do's Cleansing Spa Water Cloths. They're oil- and rinse-free and get rid of any sweat or dead skin sitting on top of my face post-run. Then I cleanse. I love using the warming formula from IS Clinical in the mornings. It has raw honey, royal jelly, and propolis, and it gets warmer the longer you work it into your face. I take that as the perfect opportunity to give myself a little facial massage and really get the blood flowing. Normally, I'd reach for a serum (I rotate through a few depending on what my skin's doing) and moisturizer, but since I'm home, I've been opting for overnight sleeping masks (and using them almost like I would a moisturizer) instead. My favorites at the moment are from French brand Sisley Paris and The Things We Do (a line created by one of Hollywood's best estheticians, injectors, and skin experts, Vanessa Lee). I'll leave the mask on for a few hours or even the whole day."


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"If my hair is wet, I'll comb through a hair mask (right now it's either Olaplex's Hair Perfector No. 3 or Philip B.'s Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque) and twist it back into a low bun or a clip. For even more moisture, I'll add a coat of clear hair oil to seal in all the good stuff. (If you have blonde hair, never choose one that's tinted yellow or gold. It stains your color!) Last but not least, I'll swipe on a glossy lip balm or lip mask (the one from Laneige is fab), and I will also put on my favorite eye gels from Skyn Iceland while I make my coffee or breakfast. I struggle with puff and dark circles, and these provide visible relief in 10 seconds flat."

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Allyson Payer, Senior Editor


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"I'm remote, so I've been working from home for several years now. From the beginning, I've always proceeded as if I were going to an actual office (albeit a very low-key office), so I wear sunscreen (because windows) and makeup every day. My makeup routine is simple: tinted moisturizer and concealer, cream blush, sheer eye shadow, curled eyelashes and mascara, brow grooming gel, and lip stain or balm. It really does something for my mental state because on the rare days I forgo makeup, I feel groggy all day."

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Associate Beauty Editor

Courtney Higgs is a Cancer sun, Libra rising beauty enthusiast with about six years of experience in the editorial space. She was previously Who What Wear's associate beauty editor after spending many years working on the West Coast edit team at InStyle Magazine. She graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a BA in communication studies and pivoted to editorial after spending her college years working in the legal field. Her beauty philosophy is simple: She believes there are no wrong answers and that discovering our favorite beauty products and rituals is a journey, not a sprint. When she's not geeking out over products, she can be found adventuring around L.A. with her fiancé; watching reality TV with their French bulldog, Bernie Mac; or relating way too hard to astrology memes.