5 Outfits My Co-Worker and I Can't Wait to Wear When We Return to the Office

5 Cute Spring Work Outfits for the Office



Working from home is definitely becoming a bit tougher as the weeks go on. Not only am I feeling more and more claustrophobic in this small Los Angeles apartment of mine, but I also miss being around my co-workers. Even though we can't physically see each other (throwback to happier times when the above picture was taken!), it doesn't mean we don't talk all the time. Whether we're chatting via Slack about the different projects we're working on or the stories we're writing, our conversations are always filled with our favorite subject: shopping. At first, we were sending each other links to loungewear-focused items (jeans just aren't really my thing while working from my couch), but lately, we've been sending cute pieces for when we get out of all of this. In fact, my co-worker Avery and I already have our looks planned for when we return to the office. (Yes, maybe we're crazy, but we work in fashion!)

Curious to see the outfits we'll be wearing when we're reunited? Keep scrolling for blazers, strappy sandals, gold jewelry, cardigans, and more.

What I'll Be Wearing

Outfit 1: Trousers + Tank + Strappy Sandals

TBH, I think that wearing trousers will make me feel like I have my life together after weeks of wearing oversize tees and no pants.

I bought this top pre-quarantine, and I can’t wait to give it the debut it deserves. Plus, it’ll look so good tucked into the tan pants.

I’ve been seeing fashion girls tie the straps of their sandals around their pants, and I couldn’t be more excited to try it myself.

No outfit is complete without a piece of gold jewelry.

Something about a croc print just gets me pumped.

Outfit 2: White Tee + Blazer + Sneakers

I’ve ordered so many basics while in quarantine. I now own about 10 different variations of white tees. However, this one has become my favorite.

Nothing from my closet has earned me more compliments at the office than this $50 blazer. And I’m surrounded by some really fashionable people.


It will be weird going back to these jeans (granted they still fit me!), but I’m ready for it.

I’ll definitely make this blazer look a little more casual with some white sneakers.

I’m not not saying that my newfound obsession with Netflix’s Tiger King is inspiring this animal-print-scrunchie situation.

This is my most-worn ring I’ve ever owned. It’s $13, and it’s perfect. That is all.

Outfit 3: Maxi Dress + Strappy Sandals

If I’m being honest, I could wear a maxi dress every day for the rest of my life. You don’t have to try at all, and yet, you look majorly put-together.

Oh, you know, these are just those ultra-chic (and ultra-affordable) strappy sandals you’ve been scouring the internet for. You’re welcome.

I’ve been dreaming about this purse every night of quarantine. I hope it ends up in my closet by the time we’re back in the office.

These look designer, without the price tag.


And do not think for a second that I forgot about the gold jewelry.

What Avery Will Be Wearing

Outfit 1: Puff-Sleeve Dress + Statement Earrings + Shoulder Bag

After the amount of baking, crafting, and nature walks I've completed during this quarantine, I feel like I am now wholesome enough to wear this dress.

Will it still be sandal weather when we get out of this? Asking for a friend.

These simple statement earrings will definitely be going into my rotation. As you may notice, Anneliese and I have a mutual affinity for gold.

Manifesting happy vibes with this bag.

Outfit 2: Colored Sweaters + Wide-Leg Jeans + Spring Sandals

Our office thermostat is set at 66º year-round, so yes, I do need another sweater.

If you drape a bold-blue sweater over a light-blue top, I will try to steal your look.

I’m 5'1", so I love any trousers that make me feel taller. I need that false sense of confidence in my life, and these jeans do just that.

You might be in an office sweater, but you can let your shoes scream spring.