Our Before and After Photos Are Proof This Affordable Skincare Line Really Works

Well, things are… weird right now. Really, really weird. I’m trying to get myself into my new normal routine, and to be honest, it’s been a lot harder than I thought it’d be. (I’m a creature of habit.) But the one thing that always seems to bring a sense of normalcy to my life is skincare. No matter what I’m going through, I always have products for pampering myself. Is it weird that testing new products makes me feel calm? Apparently no, because a couple of my co-workers also find solace in doing so and agreed to go on a monthlong journey with me and everyone's favorite affordable, clean skincare line, Versed. Over the last month, three of us incorporated four products into our current skincare routines, and we are here to share our honest reviews—before and after pictures included.

Caitie Schlisserman Versed Skincare Reviews:



The Background: “I wouldn’t say I have shitty skin, but when I get stressed you can see it all over my face. (Proof is in my before pic.) I’m also guilty of picking my skin, which has left me with some small scars, and it has felt like an upward battle to get my skin tone nice and even.”

The Versed Verdict: “Before my testing began, I was very, very stressed out. I was traveling a lot, had no free time, and just felt all over the place. Then all this weird stuff started happening in the world. It was just the perfect recipe for a really bad skin day. But I can honestly say that the Versed products helped get things back on track and make them even better. My scars have lightened, I don’t have any current breakouts, and my skin just looks really nice and glowy.”


“I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with toners. There's no real reason as to why I stop using them, but I’m so happy I started back up with this gem. I’ve been using it at night after washing my face and before slathering myself in serums and moisturizers. You definitely can use it in the morning, too, but I like having it as a second step to ensure I’m removing any excess makeup. It’s really not drying at all. It’s super gentle and has visibly improved the overall tone and texture of my skin because of ingredients like kojic and azelaic acid, AHAs, and bearberry extract. It has also helped lighten up a lot of the pesky little blemishes I had before using it, so there’s that.”

“Who doesn’t want to inject their skin with a burst of hydration? That’s what I thought. I seriously live for this stuff. You can use it morning and night, but I mixed a few drops in with my nightly serums so I would wake up with a much brighter, plumper complexion. I’d get excited to wake up in the mornings just to see how my skin was doing and spoiler alert: It always looked great.”

“I was so scared about using retinol for the longest time, but once I found some products with it that I liked, my whole perspective on the powerhouse ingredient changed. I stopped using my regular formula so I could give this one my full attention, and it’s such a great one to use, especially if you’re a first-time retinol user. The biggest thing is that it’s not irritating at all but still highly effective. It has softened some of my lines and has helped even my skin tone without drying everything out. I put this on at night after cleansing, toning, and using my serums and before moisturizing.”

“Out of all the products I’ve been using, I have to say this is my favorite. I used it in the mornings and at night, and I’m still shook by how much it brightens up my under-eyes. And let me tell you: I’ve tried a ton of eye products, many of which are double, even triple, the price of this. The gel is super lightweight and has a cooling effect, so it feels fantastic after tapping it on. It’s made with ingredients like vitamin C, ginseng-root extract, and niacinamide, which brightens things up, while coffee-seed extract helps with circulation. I’ll never have enough good things to say about it.”

Michaela Bushkin Versed Skincare Reviews



The Background: “My skin isn't 'bad' per se, but it's super reactionary to how I treat it. I've found that when my diet improves, and I'm not consuming much alcohol or sugar, so does my skin, especially when it comes to breakouts. The same goes for my environment. I can have glowing, radiant skin while in warmer climates, like my hometown in Arizona or a tropical vacation spot, and then before I even get off the plane upon returning to chilly NYC, my face immediately gets dry and flaky. I also have to be careful with what I put on my skin. While I don't typically have reactions to products, I definitely can't use too many at once. (Read: no 10-step Korean-beauty skincare routines.) I typically look for products with as many natural ingredients and as few harsh chemicals as possible. But then, of course, they actually have to work.”

The Versed Verdict: “Looking at these photos, I'm honestly shocked at how dull my skin looked a month ago. I'm not saying I'm going to stop wearing makeup now, but I probably could without anyone really noticing. I was already using a Versed face wash before trying out these other products, so I can now honestly attribute my dayglow to this brand.”


“I've tried several retinol serums in the past and have always had to limit applying them to once a week. This Gentle Retinol Serum is truly just that: gentle. I've been using it every other night before my moisturizer without any irritation. It's been a month, and my skin definitely feels smoother especially around my forehead.”

“I haven't used a toner in years, so I was excited to bring one back into my skincare routine. I usually think of toners as a nighttime product because they help remove excess makeup and dirt, but I chose to use this brightening solution in the morning. I'd dab it in with a pad (bonus points for using washable/reusable ones) after my skin is cleansed and completely dry. It feels and smells so refreshing that I would honestly still use this product even if it didn't actually do anything to benefit my skin.”

“I'm really picky about moisturizer, especially in winter months because of how dry my skin gets. Sometimes I feel like I can slather on all the oils and creams in the world and still wake up with dry flaky patches on my cheeks. While I've kept my nighttime skin routine the same as it has been for a while (besides the retinol serum!), I've been using the Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream every single morning. It definitely leaves my skin dewy and primed like the perfect canvas for applying makeup (no primer needed). I'm no ingredient expert, but I think the hyaluronic acid is to thank.”

“I wouldn't describe myself as someone who has acne, but I definitely get breakouts here and there (usually after a night of many margaritas). It's frustrating because at 26 I didn't think I would still be battling this issue. Sigh. In the past, I've found that acne spot treatments with salicylic acid can be so drying to the point where I'd rather just have the freaking zit. While the Nix It Solution does list salicylic acid as an ingredient, there are also plenty of essential oils in the mix (rosemary, lavender, tea tree) that keep my skin moisturized. I was truly impressed with this one. It also dries completely clear, unlike many other spot treatments. I don't know about you, but I’m definitely not trying to walk around with white patches on my face.”

Camilla Quirk Versed Skincare Reviews



The Background: “My biggest skincare concerns are dryness, redness, and occasionally dullness. For the most part, there are generally no surprises with my skin, but sometimes it can look washed out. It can be sensitive and gets dry very quickly, and depending on stress levels or seasonality, I can get stubborn blemishes every now and then, which often leave scarring that is difficult to diminish.”

The Versed Verdict: “Going into this trial, I had a lot of skin challenges ahead. Going from New York winter to Australian summer, flying for 24 hours, and (at the time) prepping for my best friend’s wedding. Then COVID-19 really took a handle on things, and my fiancé and I had to quickly figure out what we were going to do, considering how it might impact travel and when/how we could get back to the U.S. Among all this stress and worry, my skin has remained hydrated and clear of blemishes, which is certainly a great result considering everything. My skin tone feels a lot more even, and I’ve even noticed the fine lines under my eyes have diminished. My face has been in a constant state of tension recently, so I’d say this is a great result!”


“I used this serum at night after washing my face. As the directions suggested, I used two pumps of this to cover my face, neck, and chest. It has no scent, goes on smoothly, and is a fun blue-ish color. Before using this, I had started using a Retin-A (i.e., tretinoin) and it consistently made my face dry and irritated. But the Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum is exactly what it says it is: really gentle, yet effective. It absorbs quickly on the skin but doesn’t make your skin feel too tight like Retin-A products.”

“After showering in the morning and washing my face, I applied this serum when my skin was still damp. I really like the texture. It feels thick (not cheap and runny) and really soaks into the skin, even though it takes a few minutes to do so. I usually wait a minute or two before applying moisturizer after.”

“I love the feel of this moisturizer: It's super hydrating and cooling at the same time. Like the serum, it really glides on to the skin. I’m a big fan of simple, uncomplicated moisturizers that aren't too heavy or too scented. I’ve been using this liberally on my face and neck to combat dryness, and it clearly works given how much traveling I’ve had to do recently.”

“At the time I started this eye gel, it seemed fitting given I was about to go on vacation. But in reality, this really has been my savior during an incredibly stressful situation. I only really started using eye creams late last year and have become a big fan. The gel absorbs quickly and feels hydrating upon application; plus it has vitamin C, which has done wonders to my under-eye area.”