Experts Agree: These Are the Short Hair Trends Taking Over In 2023

The seasons are changing, and if the onset of autumn means you're feeling the urge to chop all your hair off to freshen things up, you're not alone. Fortunately for you, short hair styles are majorly trending right now so there's a tonne of short hair trends to refer to if you're looking for some inspiration.

For one, the bob is more popular than ever—so much so that in 2023 alone it's already had several new variations. The box bob, Italian bob, blunt bob, and bubble bob are just a few we're covered here on Who What Wear UK, and we're certain that this chic, low maintenance style is going to be just as popular through the rest of the year.


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From cuts and colours to styling techniques and product recommendations, we've covered the biggest and best short hair trends for 2023. Whether you're considering taking a leaf from Hailey Bieber's book and getting a chop, or you're looking for a new way to freshen up your already short hair, scroll down for all the inspiration you need.

1. The Box Bob


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A box bob is all about structure. We love the way that this one makes hair appear thick and full, thanks to flipped-in ends.


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Sleek, straight, and styled inwards at the ends, Ama's box bob is perfection

Best products for box bobs:

2. The Micro Fringe


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If you're ahead of the trends and already sporting a bob for 2023, one way to mix things up is to experiment with a fringe. We particularly love a brow-skimming micro fringe—it's cool, edgy, and looks so chic.


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Alyssa's micro-fringe has become her signature look, no matter what the length of her hair.

Best products for micro fringes:

3. The Slicked Back Bob


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Slicked back buns and ponytails may be out of your reach if you have short hair, but sleek, combed back hair can still be achieved if your hair is above shoulder-length.


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This neat, tucked back look is not only easy to achieve, but also perfect for hiding greasy hair come day three.

Best products for slicked back looks:

4. The Italian Bob


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We've no doubt that The White Lotus' Simona Tabacaso inspired hundreds of new bobs when Season 2 aired late last year. Now known as the 'Italian bob', this look is all about volume from roots to tips.


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With a combination of the right products and the right heat tools, this voluminous, bouncy style is surprisingly easy to achieve.

Best products for the Italian bob:

5. The 90s Blowout


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If your hair is still short but edging towards your shoulders, it's easy to fall into a rut or start shoving it up in a messy bun or ponytail. To freshen things up, ask your hairdresser to cut in some 90s-inspired layers.


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To ensure that your layers take centre stage, you're going to need to get to grips with juggling your hairdryer and a round brush. This look is all about volume.

Best products for a 90s blowout:

6. The Barbie Blonde Bob


(Image credit: @LILYALLEN)

Ever since the Barbie movie aired this summer, bright platinum blonde hair has been one of the biggest colour trends for 2023. As seen on Lily Allen, it looks incredible with a short sleek bob.


(Image credit: @HOSKELSA)

Loose waves styled away from the face are a great way to make blonde hair pop.

Best products for maintaining Barbie blonde:

7. The Shag


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Undoubtedly 2023's edgiest short hair look, the shag is proof that layers and volume really are on trend. This is another style that looks low maintenance, but actually requires a bit of behind-the-scenes work to maintain texture and lift.


(Image credit: @AIKI_KR)

While it can be easier to make a shag work in curly hair, this look is proof that it looks just as great in straight hair too.

Best products for the shag:

8. The Micro Bun


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If you think that short hair equals limited styling options, think again. It can actually be much easier to style short hair into updos since there's less of it to deal with, and much less weight (which can cause styles to fall). The slicked-back micro bun is a big trend for 2023—it's chic, elegant, suits everyone, and is super easy to recreate.


(Image credit: @LINDSEYHOLLAND_)

Whether you opt for a sleek, groomed micro bun, or a looser, more casual one, this style is incredibly easy to wear.

Best products for the micro bun:

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