As a Former Dancer, I Love These 16 Ballerina-Inspired Pieces From Nordstrom

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Nordstrom Balletcore Fashion
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As a former dancer, I'm very familiar with the saying, "Once you're a dancer, it never leaves you." And I'm here to tell you that sentiment is true. My lifelong love of ballet is evident in many aspects of my life, from my slicked-back buns to my barre-inspired workout routine to the softer, more delicate wardrobe pieces I gravitate toward. And since the balletcore aesthetic is clearly here to stay, I couldn't help but shop some more ballerina-inspired pieces. I went right to Nordstrom, where I found all the pink satin, flowy tulle, and adorable bows that my heart desires. Keep scrolling to shop all my pretty balletcore finds.

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