33 Stylish Essentials Everyone Should Own in 2021 Are Temporarily Cheaper

Shopbop Black Friday shopping recommendations


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

We made it, folks. It's Black Friday week (as I like to call it), and basically, the entire internet is starting to go on sale. That includes Shopbop. If you're a Shopbop customer, you probably know that it doesn't do many sitewide sales, but Black Friday is a special occasion, to say the least. Starting today, Shopbop is offering 20% off of orders over $200, and I for one, am using it as an opportunity to stock up on stylish wardrobe essentials that I'll wear next year and beyond.

Since we don't know exactly what 2021 will look like compared to this year, it might be best to play it a little safe. To me, that means pseudo-casual pieces like cozy sweaters, jeans, blazers, and walkable shoes—all of which there is plenty of on Shopbop. Honestly, if someone told me I could only shop at one place of my choosing from now on, Shopbop would be a very strong contender. If just has every wardrobe essential you need in one place. So with that, let's shop for basics.

Keep scrolling for my Shopbop picks to stock up on while they're 20% off.

I've had my eye on these since the day they were released this fall.

This definitely belongs in the "everyone should own" category.

One of the only pairs of skinny jeans I'd actually wear.

Forward yet wearable enough for every day.

Donni makes my favorite sweatpants. Case in point.

The tonal white checks are a fresh take.

This wins the "best puffer of the year" award in my book.

I put these jeans in so many stories—they're just that good.

Perfect for all of those outdoor workouts we do now.

Turtlenecks don't have to be boring.

Stirrup leggings are such a trend RN.

This is the kind of piece that makes getting dressed easier.

A dress that's made for throwing on and going.

Help—I can't get this jacket out of my head.

I love that these aren't the typical plaid shirt colors.

Ribbed knit skirts > all the other skirts.

Behold every celebrity's favorite bodysuit.

I love this fleece pullover and think you will too.

Dad pants are trending, have you heard?

I'll wear this so much in the spring.

Click through to see how cute this looks with a denim jacket.

This is the type of sweater you'll wear year after year.

Sherpa scarves are the coziest scarves.

It's so exciting to find this buzzy brand on Shopbop.

I'm a sucker for beautiful buttons.

These are my new everyday sunglasses, FYI.