This Is the #1 Shoe Style to Wear for Party Season This Year

I've been so obsessed with flats, sneakers, slides,and sandals all year, that I've forgotten what it's like to actually wear a pair of heels. With this realisation, I'm so excited to shop a pair of statement heels to wear on New Year's Eve (and all the other 873 social gatherings on the calendar over the next few weeks). 

My guess is that you're the same. This year, our readers have been obsessed with learning what the latest It-sneaker or pair of sandals is, but if I'm feeling a hunger for heels, I'm guessing you are too. And what better way to revisit the sexy shoe style, than with an incredible statement pair. 

Designers and brands all over are feeling festive, and I've spotted so many statement shoes—think patterns, glitter, embellishments, velvet—that you're sure to find a pair you love.

Click through for our shopping edit of statement heels that will suit every budget.

Opening images: Style Du Monde

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