This French Brand Has Been Enamored by Parisians for a Decade—18 Finds I Love

People always want to know where French people shop, and the list, from luxury brands to affordable retailers, is endless. They shop their way around the Champs-Élysées and don't miss a stop along the way. But there's one brand in particular that truly speaks to them because of its Paris roots, and that is Sézane.

Sézane is fairly new to Americans, but Parisians have been loving the brand for a decade. After a scroll through its site, I can see why. There isn't an item on the menu that will go out of style within the next few years. Its pieces are simply timeless. If you're looking to build out a capsule wardrobe, it's the perfect brand to mix and match items with. Seeing how much French women truly love the brand makes me want to get shopping. Below, find the 18 pieces that are now on my wish list.

My jaw dropped when I saw these earrings. They're a must-have.

While we're on the topic of dreamy pieces, I have to show you guys this sweater.

If you're on the hunt for printed dresses, Sézane is the perfect destination for you to explore.

A shoulder bag that will go with every outfit.

I got so many compliments when I wore this.

I'm in love with this as a matching set.

I never get bored of French-girl stripes.

The perfect pants for you to wear if you're after the Canadian tuxedo.

There's just something about this shade of blue.

The cloud-like pattern has caught my eye.

I have a feeling this sweater will sell out fast.

If you love wearing denim on denim as much as I do, you need to see this.

We love a good button-down shirt.

If you want to be comfortable but look polished, these trousers are for you.

Shop more Parisian-aesthetic pieces:

French women are loving the collarless-coat trend.

Denim maxi skirts are one of the few trends that are French girl approved.

While Parisians tend to scoff at Americans for wearing sneakers, they don't mind an elevated style like these.

There's just something about the color pink.

You can't go wrong with the basics.