I Just Moved From NYC to Paris—5 Things I Dropped From My Wardrobe Instantly



There's nothing more fascinating to me than picking up on cultural differences. When I meet someone from a different country, I love taking note of the minuscule details of what sets us apart. May it be a word they use for a certain article of clothing or the way that they dress that makes them stand out among the party. There's nothing people at Who What Wear love more than French fashion people, so finding out what they're doing that New Yorkers are not is of extreme interest. A fashion-editor friend of mine, Ty Gaskins, recently bid New York adieu for some well-deserved time spent in Paris, and watching his experience unfold through Instagram Stories was giving an elevated take on Emily in Paris. I was living for it.

When he began telling me about the items that he was no longer wearing after his time spent in Paris, a common theme I noticed was that the French don't seem to pick up on trends as easily as we do. Many of the items he mentioned that they were not wearing ended up being trends that left us as quickly as they arrived. It's worth noting as you prepare your wardrobe for 2023. Below, find the five things you might need to drop from your wardrobe immediately if you have a visit planned to Paris.

Skipping: Tiny Sunglasses
Shopping: Oversize Frames



"We've all succumbed to the tiny-sunglasses trend, and while they remain in my New York accessory arsenal, à Paris, I typically opt for a strong, oversize frame."

Skipping: Athleisure
Shopping: Quiet Luxury

"Running to the bodega or heading to bottomless brunch in athleisure is more than typical in NYC. However, baguette and croissant runs to the boulangerie demand a bit more effort, I've learned. Athleisure now remains solely for workouts. Try quiet luxury instead."

Skipping: Oversize Suiting
Shopping: Good Tailoring



"The only exception to this one is a good vintage blazer find (which I'll admit I have many). Otherwise, a well-tailored suit has become my best friend for more formal engagements."

Skipping: Chunky Shoes
Shopping: Retro Sneakers

"In New York, hypebeasts have made 'dad style' cool again by sporting chunky sneakers, but chaussures de clown (clown shoes), as they're known in Paris, just don't have the same street cred across the pond."

Skipping: Bold-Pattern Shirts
Shopping: Statement Accessories



"I was never one super keen on bold patterns, but every now and then, I would wear a bold pattern to make a statement at an event or party. Contrary to what you see in Emily in Paris, Parisians aren't as loud with their dressing. Instead, I choose statement accessories to lead an outfit, whether a bag, shoes, or jewelry—but never all together. Much more subtle and chic."