The Best Sex and the City Inspired Coats to Buy This Winter

The influence of Sex and the City on fashion cannot be underestimated. Even now, a full 14 years after the show finished screening, we still take our style cues from Carrie Bradshaw. We can't help but wonder what shoes she would buy today, or what she would think of our new-found scrunchie obsession. Hell, there's entire Instagram accounts dedicated to her outfits. 

But when you watch the show again, it reminds you how much Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha have their own impeccable style, too. One scene in particular from season two has really stood the test of time, trend-wise, where the four women go to a Yankees game together. Decked out in their finest winter coats, it's peak New York, peak '90s, yet somehow also peak 2018. 

Even though the episode first aired in 1999, it's the perfect inspiration for your winter wardrobe this season. So which character is most like you? Keep scrolling to find out how you should spend your winter coat budget, according to which Sex and the City character you are. 


(Image credit: HBO)


You use fashion to experiment and define who you are. You’re indecisive in love, but self-assured in style. You’re a classic city girl and love faux fur because it makes everything else you’re wearing look more expensive than it really was.


You have a passion for the sensual side of life. You’re not afraid to turn heads on the street or stand out in a crowd. Leopard print is classic, timeless and oozes sex appeal, just like you.


You’re pragmatic and practical. You think with your head, not your heart, and have no time to waste on the frivolity of buttons. Zippers are fast, effective, and speak to your rational sensibilities.


You’re positive, bubbly and see the best in everyone. You use clothes to portray your most polished, approachable self. You need a pastel-hued coat to complement your eternal rose-coloured glasses.

Stephanie Squadrito