The Selena Gomez–Approved Dress Trend That's Blowing Up

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez is completely nailing things when it comes to fashion these days. Whether she is performing on stage, greeting her fans after a show, or strolling to get a coffee, Gomez consistently impresses us with her inventive outfits. However, there is one section of her wardrobe that we don’t talk about enough—her formalwear.

As of late, Gomez has been wearing long silk slip dresses everywhere from premieres to her tour, and with good reason—she looks absolutely stunning in them. The best part about her collection of this dress is the variety of colors and cuts she owns, combined with her styling techniques for each. With that said, we think that the next time you are invited to go to a formal event and have no clue what to wear, take it from Selena Gomez and go for this more formal take on the trendy slip dress. Trust us: It will never disappoint.

Keep reading to see our favorite looks from Selena Gomez in this dress style and to shop them for yourself!