Recovery Slides Are the Next "Ugly" Shoe Trend We Can No Longer Ignore

Another "ugly" shoe trend? In 2021? I know, groundbreaking. Between the proliferation of Birkenstock slides and cool clogs bubbling up, there's a clear trend happening with comfortable, good-for-you footwear that your podiatrist would approve of. These days, we're leaving the house more often, so it makes sense that styles like slides, slippers, and loafers are so popular since they can be easily worn both out and at home. Now, there's a new shoe trend on our radars, and it's hitting peak comfort. Meet recovery slides.

I'd seen extra-comfy, cushiony slides popping up on my Instagram feed, but once I heard the trendspotting experts at WGSN get behind them, I knew this was a trend to watch. Not only does it address the need for easy shoes that can go indoors and out, but what really defines it is its wellness component. According to WGSN's footwear and accessories strategist, Lucila Saldana, the slides originated as "an easy-to-wear style that provides further comfort support and helps the feet to recover after exercising," but now that the overall concept of wellness is taking off, recovery slides are in high demand as well. 

Many brands are reimagining the rubber slides for a fashion-forward take on the podiatrist-approved shoes, and some, like Yeezy and Balenciaga, have even put a high-fashion spin on them with futuristic shapes and milky, neutral tones. On the more athletic end of the spectrum, Hoka One One is creating its recovery slides specifically for runners to wear when they're not logging miles.

As the wellness and fashion worlds start to mold together, we can expect to see more of these healing properties incorporated in our day-to-day attire in upcoming seasons. Yep, they're even infiltrating our homes in the form of spa-core aesthetics (more on that soon). The slides we're seeing have cloud-like cushion soles and come in an array of creamy neutrals and fun-loving, bright hues. Your feet will definitely thank you for wearing these. Ahead, more on recovery slides.

The comfy slides are quickly replacing sneakers for coffee runs and errands and make a cool base to loungewear looks.

Summer slides are essential in any closet, and right now, It girls are upgrading theirs to these cloud-like styles.

Bright hues like tangerine and marigold couldn't be any more appropriate for the summer.



Sootheez has popped up as an Instagram favorite with its fun colors and super-affordable prices.

Tube socks and slides—traditionally a fashion faux pas—are now being fully embraced.



Up the modern feel of the slides when you pair them with funky prints.



Of all the styles out there, fashion people are favoring the neutral tones à la Yeezy for a cool, minimal moment.



In case you were in need of any fresh loungewear inspiration, joggers and a tee feel new again with cushiony slides.

For even more controversial-shoe content, see our report on the platform renaissance that's very much happening right now.

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