French Girls Love This "Sellout Brand"—Here's Why

Before Instagram brands were even really a thing, there was one that paved the way for so many other brands to perfect their "Insta aesthetic" and rack up the followers. That brand is Réalisation Par and its bevy of Dreamgirls who wear its flirty silk dresses on repeat. While it's an Aussie-based brand founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, it's continued to gain in popularity among the L.A. set and in other cities around the world. But in fact, given the influential powers of French girls, they have actually played a large part in putting the brand on the map. Especially this time of year, you'll frequently see them wearing the brand's dresses, tops, and skirts in their current vacation locale. Why? The prints are perfection and the styles are flattering and lightweight. (Plus, they look lovely with espadrilles.)

Taking all that into consideration, there's yet another reason to love the brand. Harper's Bazaar UK just received intel from luxury resale site Vestiaire Collective that Réalisation Par is "a 'sell-out brand' whose dresses are typically bought within one day of being posted online." The site also said, "If the dress is in a good condition, it can usually be sold for at least the retail price if not more."

Given this investment potential, what better excuse to add a few new Réalisation Par pieces to your wardrobe? Keep scrolling to see a few French girls who love the brand and shop our current picks. (Warning: They're too good to actually want to sell…)


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